Istrian bistro & Tapas bar

Relaxed socialising over colourful tapas

At an ideal location, in the very centre of Portorož, you will be impressed by its difference. The colourful snacks create a positive atmosphere. Well-being. Smiling guests. Pleasant atmosphere. Relaxed. Perfect choice for open or closed groups

Delicious dishes from local ingredients

The main offerings are the local dishes prepared in a modern way from local and seasonal ingredients.

Istrian tapas

In our kitchen we make quick snacks (Istrian tapas), lunches, dinners and a tasting menu.

The Istrian market

The Istrian market in the centre of the restaurant enables guests to buy products from local suppliers which we use in our dishes. Get to know the tastes of products by Barba salt, Fonda fish farm, Trček farm, Lisjak oils, Butul farm and others.

Borut Jakič

Executive chef at LifeClass Portorož hotels’ restaurants

He heads all restaurants and sets high quality standards. He boasts experience from a Michelin starred Italian restaurant. His wish is to prepare a top-class culinary experience for his guests. To serve authentic tasting dishes that are healthy, simple and high quality. The magic of this destination is hidden in his flavours: the fresh air, clean sea and warmth of the sun.

Marko Gorela

Chef at Istrian bistro & Tapas bar

Istria is his inspiration. He carefully selects his ingredients and gives priority to Slovenian, local ingredients. He knows which Istrian village they come from and who their producer is. He seasons them with creativity, boldness and his own Istrian imagination. Under his guidance, the Istrian tradition lives on in a modern way. In new tastes and textures. Served invitingly. It seduces the taste buds and the eyes.

Opening times

Every day: 12:00 - 23:00

Choose a healthy experience and surprise your loved ones.

Let them experience the most comprehensive thermal, health and wellness offer in Europe.