Come into our world of games and entertainment

Get to know the lively Mini-ION who struggles with evil positive ions. Help him. Take a deep breath of healing negative ions and go forth into the world of adventure. Do not forget to visit the Neptune playroom during your visits to fun workshops. Get ready for new sea adventures.

A sea of entertainment in the Mini Klub's playroom

The playroom located in Hotel Apollo is a place where time stands still while you play. And the choice of games is indescribable. Inspiring. Our animators are fun and educational with the children. They are a lot of fun. Do you hear laughter and joy? Leave them in excellent hands. Treat yourself in Terme Portorož. Perhaps you would rather go catch some rays somewhere by the sea? The playroom offers complete entertainment for children aged 4 to 12.

Meet Mini-ION, a superhero

He has a special superpower. Are you interested in what it is? He is the master of negative ions in the air, and together they fight the evil positive ions that shamelessly pollute our sea air. Who do you think will win?

How does Mini-ION help the children?

He jumps out of the sea and detoxifies little heroes’ lungs. Effectively. If you breathe with clean lungs, you will be healthy and full of energy. And when you return from your holidays, you will be smiling and active for a long time.

Summer Mini Klub

Mini-ION on summer holidays

Children, get ready for an unforgettable summer holiday. Are you hot? Cool down in the healthy shade. And then, quickly, full of new energy, go-to healthy culinary and dance workshops with Mini-ION. Would you rather jump into the water and have fun with water games? Let’s go.

Every Tuesday at 20.00 there is an authentic summer party and dance with Mini-ION the superhero. Shhhh, our animators also take care of children’s tattoos at the dances.

Autumn Mini Klub

Does Mini-ION also know how to do magic?

See for yourself. With us. Mini-ION has a vivid imagination; he has prepared fun magic, creative and culinary workshops. During the break, he will exercise with you in the healthy sea air, and in the evening you will dance together around the fire. Just like real wizards and witches.

  • Mini Klub BBQ Halloween Party: the great dance of witches and magicians 31 Oct
  • Mini Klub BBQ Party

Christmas and New Year`s Mini Klub

From December 23  to January 2, 2023

There will be plenty of fun for the little ones during the festive season.

From 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. in the Apollo Hotel:

In the Mini Club, all Santa's helpers will be able to:
- train in writing letters to Santa,
- make cards and decorate the Christmas tree,
- get creative in culinary and other workshops,
- compete in morning acrobatics.

On Christmas Day, December 25, we will celebrate Santa's visit together at Café Central.

From 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.:

We will have fun:
- December 26, at the Mini Disco, Grand Hotel Portorož,
- December 30, at the Mini New Year's Eve Party with fun games and dancing.
- January , 2023 we are waiting for you at the Mini Cinema in Grand Hotel Portorož.

The rest of the days, our animators will entertain you with games in the Apollo Hotel.

Winter Mini Klub

Why is Mini-ION not cold in the winter?

Because he has so much fun. If you are cold, he will also show you how it works. First, you will warm up in creative and musical workshops. Then you will participate in a workshop for young chefs. Yummy. Is your mouth watering yet? Bon appétit.

Easter holiday Mini Klub from April 7 till April 10.

How does Mini-ION colour Easter eggs?

Mini-ION loves Easter Holidays. He likes to play with bunnies, colour Easter eggs and eat well. Together you will have fun at culinary workshops, create your Easter bunnies, colour Easter eggs and make greeting cards. We will play fun parlour games every day and answer quiz questions.

Friday, April 7

  • afternoon Mini Klub - Easter egg coloring

Saturday, April 8

  • morning Mini Klub - basket making
  • afternoon Mini Klub - Easter egg hunt

Sunday, April 9

  • morning Mini Klub - mask making
  • afternoon Mini Klub - Mini Cinema - Peter apeter Rabitt

Monday, April 10

  • morning Mini Klub - creative workshops
  • afternoon Mini Klub - board games

May holiday Mini Klub

When Mini-ION wakes from his hibernation

The spring sun calls us to go outside. Mini-ION is excited and playful. He invites all children to join him in the fresh sea air. You will create objects with salt, pebbles and shells, and in the afternoon, you will be entertained by fun music and group games. Mini-ION loves dancing very much, so evenings are reserved for the disco. He will be happy to have a dance with you.

Wednesday, April 26

  • afternoon Mini Klub - outdoor painting

Thursday, April 27

  • morning Mini Klub - culinary workshops
  • afternoon Mini Klub - Mini Cinema

Friday, April 28

  • morning Mini Klub - creative workshops
  • afternoon Mini Klub - Treasure hunt

Saturday, April 29

  • morning Mini Klub - creative workshops
  • afternoon Mini Klub - walk 

Sunday, April 30

  • morning Mini Klub - culinary workshops
  • afternoon Mini Klub - outdoor games

Monday, May 1

  • morning Mini Klub - creative workshops
  • from 1:00 p.m. - May Day at Meduza beach - Mini Disco, face painting, performance by the group BOOOM!,...

Tuesday, May 2

  • morning Mini Klub - creative workshops
  • afternoon Mini Klub - outdoor games

Mini Klub Holiday Child care

  • During the Mini Klub, child care is also provided
  • Sign up: at the hotel reception
  • For children from 6 to 12 years


  • Child wellness pampering
  • Fun and healthy meals
  • Family yoga (during holidays)

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