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Spend some of your holiday being active

Take a walk to medieval Piran and listen to stories that are intertwined in its alleys. Cycle the Parenzana. Did you know that it is 100 years old? There is an abundance of interesting places, including natural and cultural sites that will impress you. The magic is also on the path that leads to them. Explore it in your own way. And when you are enjoying the beauty and air charged with negative ions, dive into the warm sea water of the Sea Spa pools.

Where to go on an Act-ive adventure?

Spend a part of your holiday actively and take a walk to medieval Piran, cycle the famous 100-year old Parenzana, the Green Oasis of Peace in Strunjan or the Garden of Sculptures and Cacti, or dive into the heated sea water of the Sea Spa pool complexes.

Medieval gem – Piran

Vaulted windows, stone tiles, churches, squares and narrow streets are a postcard of the Venetian Gothic. 

We will take a walk along the hotel beach, past the salt stores – the old Napoleon horse stables, through the Bernardin tourist settlement, with the remains of a church from the 14th Century, past the old cliff all the way to Piran. Medieval streets will lead us amongst Venetian houses, churches, picturesque markets, as well as museums and galleries.

Visit to the Piran wall

A medieval adventure with a view of the Slovenian, Croatian and Italian coasts ...
Beyond the Apollo, Neptun and Mirna hotels we will climb the White Cross, continue on the path past Piran cemetery, down the stairs to the Piran wall, where we will take the time to take a photo of the town below us. Down the narrow streets, we will descend to Piran and discover their stories on the way through the city gate.

On the track of the 100-year old “Parenzana”

Where a narrow-track locomotive used to puff – today, we are going on foot.

Beyond the Kempinski Palace Portorož hotel and the Avditorij convention center, we will continue the route along the narrow railway of the Parenzana, which in the period from 1902 to 1935 connected the coastal towns of Trieste (IT) and Poreč (CRO). We will learn about local life back then and today.

Green oasis of peace – Strunjan

Let’s take a look at the picturesque Strunjan salt pans, the largest cliff on the Slovenian coast and much more. We will walk past the Kempinski Palace Portorož and Avditorij Portorož, the cultural, congress and promotion center, through the tunnel of the former narrow-gauge railway, which connected the city of Trieste and Poreč some 100 years ago. We will travel past the terraced olive groves and learn about local vegetation. At the Strunjan salt pans we will learn how white mud is sourced and how to grow shellfish. From there we will climb up to the Visitation of Mary Church from 1512 and a large concrete cross, a known spot of positive energy and an exceptional viewpoint.

The Garden of Sculptures and Cacti

Forma Viva, with over 120 outdoor stone sculptures, is the work of artists from around the world.

We will take a walk along the coastal road, past the tennis courts and the Marina. At the Lucia camp-site, we will climb up to the green meadows of Forma Viva, where cypresses encircle the stone artwork. Once again, we will look at the white sail boats and the Portorož bay below us, and then, past the old and new olive groves, we will descend to the cacti garden, which also holds the rarest specimens of these picturesque plants.

We will return along the wild coast, through the camp and past the beaches of Portorož.

Act-ive dive

Yes, the moment is ideal for swimming in warm sea water. Always. Hotel guests have free access to the Sea Spa (swimming pools with heated sea water) and pools with thermal Prehistoric sea. Unlimited. You can also join a guided water gym – exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist, or aquatic aerobics. Every day.

Do you feel tired and without energy?

Swimming in pools with thermal Prehistoric sea has beneficial effects. Numerous. For the skin, respiratory system and general well-being. Preventive and curative. Fill yourself with energy from a 42,000-year-old Prehistoric Sea.

Health advice

Swimming in sea water stimulates the functioning of organs (liver, kidneys, skin) that eliminate harmful substances from the body. These pass through the lymphatic system to the skin’s surface, where the salt speeds up their elimination. Sea salt is rich in various ingredients. It contains at least 80 different minerals, so it has a beneficial effect on the skin and helps with many skin problems.

*Entry to the pools and participation in water gym classes is free for all hotel guests.

This is the world of healthy experiences.

Enter it and finally start to feel great. We will help you.

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