Indulge in a culinary experience

Experience food in a different way. Authentic and local. Prepared in a modern way. Seasoned with the Mediterranean. Enjoy the colourfulness of Istrian tapas. Feel excited about a sweet delicacy with sea salt. Treat yourself to a detox with the Mediterranean diet. Enjoy the romantic view of the sea. Served with a smile. Because we value you.

Are you ready for more?

At LifeClass Hotels & Spa a dish is so much more than simply food. It is one of the important steps to health and well-being. Dishes prepared with seasonal foods contribute to vitality. Plates prepared from local ingredients and traditional recipes add a completely new experience to your trip, bonding you with the place, its heritage and culture. Our culinary team prepares dishes to fit your nutritional style, requests and needs while making no compromises on the deliciousness of every plate you get served. Professional and recreational sportsmen can enjoy a carefully designed menu to fit an active lifestyle.

Mediterranean cuisine

At LifeClass Hotels & Spa, you will indulge in classic and reinvented Mediterranean courses prepared with a careful selection of high-quality, locally sourced and mainly seasonal ingredients – the basis for tasty and wholesome dishes.

Children’s cuisine

Does your child persistently refuse to eat a certain type of food? Often, it is vegetables. Sometimes, it is meat or something else. During the phase of growth and development, children need an energetic and nutritionally balanced diet. But don’t worry. Our cooking masters know how to do magic. They prepare fun, and above all healthy and local culinary masterpieces that children love. See for yourself.

Natural desserts and ice cream

Only the passion and knowledge of experienced pâtissiers can combine seemingly very different ingredients into a perfect dessert. Fleur de sel, lemon, olive oil, chocolate, caramel, cardamom, peppermint and plenty of other combinations are accompanied by new, seasonal flavors.  They create a different,  mouth-watering selection in our window display every fall, winter, summer and spring. Visit Cafè Central and indulge in home-made mono portion or occasion cakes, macarons, strudels and croissants.

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