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Weather Portorož

Are you planning a vacation on the Coast? Check the current weather forecast for Portorož and adjust your activities accordingly.

As a general rule, you should hide in the shades from the intense midday sun, take advantage of warm mornings for outdoor activities, cool off in the sea on hot afternoons, and spend cooler days in the indoor pools or visiting cultural sites.

The weather can be monitored live via webcams.

Weather forecast Portorož


Sea temperature

Daily updates of the sea temperature will make it easier to plan enjoyable activities at the seaside. Choose sports activities at sea based on the current water temperature and dress accordingly (e.g. neoprene).

During the cooler days or months, however, those who prefer warm water are advised to relax in indoor pools with heated seawater instead.

Today's sea temperature

Adriatic Sea
Source ARSO
Water temp. °C
Water level cm

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