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Ideas for an active trip

The Slovenian Riviera is packed with interesting corners, natural and cultural attractions as well as other interesting features that will leave a lasting impression. The paths that lead to them are charming as well. Take a stroll in the medieval town of Piran or head out on an afternoon cycling trip along the famous Parenzana route.

Visit the Walls of Piran

The most stunning walking path with a view of the Slovenian, Croatian and Italian coast.

Climb the road that leads past the Wellness Hotel Apollo and the Hotel Mirna to the Beli Križ (White Cross) lookout point and make a photo stop. Continue your journey towards medieval Piran, past the Piran cemetery, and then count the number of steps that lead you to the Walls of Piran. The view will take your breath away. Once you get enough fresh air at the highest point above town, head down through the city gates to Tartini Square where you can order a refreshing drink or delicious ice cream. You can then return to your starting point along the seaside promenade.

Cycling on the Parenzana route

The narrow-gauge railway, where locomotives used to run, is reserved for cycling nowadays.

The route will lead you past the Auditorium Portorož, a famous venue for concerts and outdoor shows, through a tunnel accessible only to cyclists and pedestrians, to Strunjan or all the way to Trieste in Italy or Poreč in Croatia, depending on your physical condition. From 1902 to 1935, the Parenzana narrow-gauge railway (called Porečanka in Slovene) connected the coastal towns between Italian Trieste and Croatian Poreč. Trains used to travel at a speed similar to the speed of a modern bicycle. Ask the locals of Piran or Strunjan if they know of any Parenzana related anecdotes and turn your family cycling trip into an educational experience!

Yoga on the Strunjan cliff

Can you imagine escaping from your daily routine, calming your mind and catching plenty of fresh air? You can experience all this and more at the highest cliff on the Slovenian coast, the Strunjan cliff.

You can reach it on foot (90 min) or with a bicycle (30 min) – either way the destination will blow your mind. Follow the Parenzana route and check out the terraced groves of olive and persimmon trees along the way. Stop by the Strunjan salt pans and watch a video presentation on the coexistence of salt workers, plants and animals in the Strunjan area. From there, head to the 16th century (1512) Church of the Vision of St. Mary, and a large cross at the top of the hill which is also known as an energy point. Do some stretching exercises or yoga here. You will feel reborn when you get back from your trip.

Speed walking to Forma Viva

Forma Viva is the Slovenian Stonehenge. It consists of more than 120 stone sculptures and is one of the few outdoor exhibitions of this type in Slovenia, beside the wooden Forma Viva in Kostanjevica na Krki, a concrete one in Maribor and a steel one in Carinthia. You can reach it by taking the coastal road in the direction of Lucija, past the tennis courts and Marina Portorož. The route will lead you uphill, past the Lucija campsite, where you will wind up on a grassy field with a view of the sculptures, overlooking the Bay of Piran and the white sailboats. Can you guess what the statues by renowned artists from all over the world represent? The exhibition is ongoing and being added to.

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