Wellness pampering for children

Time off is perfect for relaxation and new experiences. Even for the children. Rainbow colors and the abundance of nourishing soap made by the Bubble-Me children's bath create unforgettable memories. A gentle Ayurvedic massage will provide a restful sleep, while inhaling healing saline will enhance your toddler's breathing.

Because well-being should begin from an early age.

Perfect pampering for children

A sea of entertainment in the Neptune playroom

The Neptune playroom is a place where time stands still while you play. And the choice of games is indescribable. Inspiring. Our animators are fun and educational with the children. They are a lot of fun. Do you hear laughter and joy? Leave them in excellent hands. Treat yourself in Terme Portorož. Perhaps you would rather go catch some rays somewhere by the sea? The playroom is completely renovated, with certified didactic games, a multimedia corner and new equipment. It offers complete entertainment for children aged 4 to 12.

Meet Mini-ION, a superhero

He has a special superpower. Are you interested in what it is? He is the master of negative ions in the air. He jumps out of the sea and detoxifies little heroes’ lungs. Effectively. If you breathe with clean lungs, you will be healthy and full of energy. And when you return from your holidays, you will be smiling and active for a long time.

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