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Relaxation or recreation?

You can choose both. It is important to take care of your well-being. In the depths of the invigorating thermal Prehistoric sea. In pools with heated sea water. Allow warmth to flow into your body. The warmth of the sauna. The warmth of your heart rate while exercising in the state-of-the-art fitness center. The moment you are overwhelmed by pleasant fatigue and the awareness that you have done something good for yourself.

Immerse yourself in warm sea water and indulge in unique relaxation

Allow it to embrace your body. Heal it with its warmth. And beneficial energy. The effect will be almost magical. Exactly what you need. Exit reborn. Full of new power. Vital energy.

Forget about time, worry and stress

Enter the fairy world of saunas. Mediterranean aromas, pleasant warmth, detoxifying Piran salts, sea aerosols and ice caves. Relax. This is your refuge.

LifeFit – A modern healthy workout center

For all recreation enthusiasts and the most demanding visitors. Try different cardio and other modern fitness equipment. Take your time. And space. In a center with a surface area of 180m2.


Sauna Park
Swimming-pools with thermal Prehistoric Sea
Life Fit

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Sea Spa
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