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Terms of use

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Legal provisions

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We offer two ways of booking on our website.

   1. ON-LINE reservation system

  • Reservation without credit card confirmation; the reservation is not final and guaranteed after the completed on-line process. You will be contacted by our reservation service for the final confirmation of the booking and to agree on the method of guaranteeing a reservation (credit card, advance payment, prepayment etc.). The reservation can be cancelled or changed in accordance with the conditions defined in the reservation.
  • Reservation by credit card verification; a safe and quick way of booking, as you get an immediate confirmation of the desired accommodation. The reservation can be cancelled or changed in accordance with the conditions defined in the reservation.
  • Reservation without the possibility of refund; safe and quick way of booking, as you get an immediate confirmation for the desired accommodation. The reservation must be secured with a valid credit card during the booking process. After the reservation is received, the total amount for the reservation is charged. The reservation cannot be cancelled or modified.

     2. Reservation form

Reservation method for enquiry - enter your information, the desired date of stay, the hotel type and accommodation, and any wishes or additional questions related to your stay in our hotels. You will receive a reply from the reservation team in the form of a quote within 24 hours. A request for our offers does not count as a confirmed reservation, since a guarantee of reservation within the time limit and under the conditions stated in the offer, is an essential condition for the validation and validity of the reservation. In the event that the service is not finally confirmed or guaranteed within the deadline specified in the offer, it is considered unconfirmed and automatically deleted from our pre-reservation system.

If you are bringing children, please indicate the estimated number of children for whose stay you need to pay. The conditions for children are different for different hotels, so please check the price list for individual hotels on our websites. Depending on the number of children enrolled and other reservation data, the price of the package is calculated automatically and also displayed on the screen.

We would like to notify you that in the case of bookings and online payments, it is considered that you have read and agreed with these terms.

Claims and complaints

The guest informs the responsible representative of LifeClass hotels on the spot about irregularities or shortcomings in the service. In the event that the complaint could have been resolved on the spot (for example, lack of cleanliness of the room, equipment, room location etc.), but the guest did not signal an error on the spot and did not inform the responsible person of the irregularity, the guest is deemed to have agreed with the defective service and does not have the right to submit a complaint at a later stage or to request a price reduction for the service, or receive compensation.

The guest can make a claim in writing, within 2 months of the day when the defective service occurred. In the event of a delay in the statutory deadline for lodging a complaint, LifeClass hotels are not subject to deal with the content of the complaint.

Cancellation of a reservation

The guest has the right to cancel the reservation. A cancellation must be sent in writing or by email at least 1 day before arrival, and in high season (23. 12. – 2. 1. 2023 in 5. 6. – 15. 9. 2022) and during the Easter holidays and bank holidays) at least 3 days before arrival. In the event of a timely cancellation of the reservation, the guest is entitled to a refund of the entire advance payment or payment of the entire stay.

In the event that the guest cancels the reservation outside the notice period (outside the notice period is counted from 1-3 days before arrival to the day of arrival on the reservation), the hotel will charge cancellation costs in the amount of:

  • one (1) night.
  • In the event of a no-show, the hotel reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the total stay without tourist tax.

In the event of early departure, the hotel reserves the right to charge penalties of 100% of the amount of the remaining stay without tourist tax. Exceptions are early departures due to force majeure (death, health reasons, natural disasters etc.). In such cases, the guest will contact the responsible person in LifeClass hotels.

In cases of a confirmed credit card reservation, they will be charged automatically.

The cost of cancellation is determined by the prices that were confirmed by the hotel at the time of booking.

The reservation is valid until 18:00 on the day of arrival. The guest must notify a later arrival to the hotel where he has booked a room.

Final provisions

Value added tax is already included in all Istrabenz Turizem d.d. prices. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the court in Koper court shall deal with all disputes.

  1. Content published on the LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož website is owned by Istrabenz Turizem d.d. and can only be used for non-commercial purposes. In doing so, they must retain all of the copyright warnings and must not copy, reproduce or otherwise disseminate information.
  2. Istrabenz Turizem d.d. is not responsible for the occasional failure of the website, the possible inaccuracy of the information as well as the potential damage caused by the use of inaccurate or incomplete information.
  3. Istrabenz Turizem d.d. and other legal or natural persons who took part in the creation and design of these websites are not liable for any damage arising from the access, use of, or inability to use information on these websites, or for any errors or omissions in their content. Istrabenz Turizem d.d. reserves the right to make changes to the content.
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  5. The Lifeclass Hotels & Spa Portorož website gives you access to limited website information using usernames, passwords, codes and devices. The content of the encrypted pages is confidential and Istrabenz Turizem offers are for personal use only. We reserve the right to prohibit the use of access codes on your behalf, insofar as we find that your use interferes with the operation of our website or is used to the benefit of other entities.
  6. Any communication, including asking questions, responses, comments and suggestions regarding LifeClass (A), does not constitute confidential information. Therefore Istrabenz Turizem d.d. has no obligation to protect it; (B) Istrabenz Turizem d.d. can freely copy, use, distribute and disclose your messages and (C) Istrabenz Turizem d.d. reserves the right to use ideas, concepts, knowledge, content or techniques contained in your communications for any purpose, including the development, production and marketing of products and services.
  7. The LifeClass Hotels &Spa website may contain technical abnormalities and print errors. Istrabenz Turizem d.d. reserves the right to make changes, corrections and improvements to the LifeClass website, with regard to information about products and programmes, that can be made at any time without prior notice.
  8. The LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož website contains information about international products and services that are located in individual LifeClass hotels and are not available at all locations. Product and service references on the LifeClass website do not imply that these products and services will be available at your chosen location.
  9. If you decide to leave the LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož website and go to another website other than the LifeClass website, Istrabenz Turizem d.d. is no longer responsible for the protection of personal data, for the content or cookies that this site uses. Istrabenz Turizem d.d. does not have control over these websites and their resources, and is therefore not responsible for your use of these sites and their content, advertising, products, or other materials which these websites have.
  10. This is a Slovenian website and is subject to Slovenian legislation. Istrabenz Turizem d.d. will also disclose all information about your use of the website, including your personal information, without your permission, if required by law or in the event of an enquiry or for protection against harmful purposes for Lifeclass guests, visitors, employees, property (including this site) or other things.
  11. If you have any questions about the terms of use, please send an email to booking@lifeclass.net.

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