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Portorož and Piran are the centre of the incredible corner of Mediterranean on the western coast of Istrian peninsula and have a central position on the Slovene Coast. The town of Portorož, located in the sheltered gulf of Piran, is endowned with a holiday spirit, a beneficial, mild climate and the extraordinary healing tradition while the neighboring Piran is often put on the list of the most beautiful as well as best preserved medieval towns of the Mediterranean.


For centuries, the town of Portorož is famous as a health and spa resort with its centuries-old healing tradition with the natural healing factors as well as the rich wellness offer of Terme Portorož. When all this is combined with luxury accomodation in the beach hotels offering panoramic views, you get an unique experience. In addition, Portorož also offers premium culinary experience based on Mediterranean diet and is an excellent choice for travellers looking for active holidays, nightlife, relaxation or business meetings.

What to do in Portorož?

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One of the most photogenic towns on the Mediterranean coast has a fascinating charm. In Piran you will feel like walking through a painted landscape. The narrow lanes within the old city walls will take your breathe away. In the central square you will be greeted by the statue of the most famous citizen of Piran, Giuseppe Tartini. The composer and violinist was born right in the centre of the town. At the pier you will be able to see the fishermen unravel their fishing nets. While at the Vegetable Market you will be able to buy the fresh crops from nearby gardens. Go greet the locals at the sea shore and listen to their casual chat, while the waves dictate the rhythm of words.

What to do in Piran?

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Beautiful Slovene Istria

The Slovenian Istria with its picturesque hinterland, has much to offer. The interesting cultural and natural sights, genuine chat with the locals from the nearby villages and the unforgettable outdoor excursions or culinary experiences. The Slovenian Istria will enchant you with it´s coastal charm.


The exceptional geographical position, flysch cliffs in hills that descend to the sea create breathtaking views and sightseeing options. In clear weather you can observe the outlines of the Venetian lagoon over the western horizon while a little more to the nord the snowy peaks of the Alps appear above the Gulf of Trieste. The nearest coast you can see from where you are standing is the coast of Croatian Istria. With a blink of an eye, you can visit all three countries.

The Slovenian Istria is ideal for those who want to spend their holidays actively. Whether you choose long walks along the main promenade of Portorož or in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria, cycling through the famous Parenzana route or swimming in sea water on the beaches of the Slovenian coast.

The people and experiences of the Slovenian Coast

The seaside, tradition of salt production and fishing as well as olive growing have shaped the landscape's character and contributed to the authentic character of the local people. Here, in the heart of Europe, we may be shy only at the first sight and then we become your friends. The towns of Portorož and Piran lie between two landscape parks. The valuable natural and cultural features are protected by the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and the Strunjan Landscape Park. The picturesque villages in the hinterland are settled on high hills. They are known for their excellent olive oil and the first class vegetables and fruits production. It's no wonder, that even the most demanding gourmets recognize several culinary delights here. Find a tailor-made experience that will fit all your needs!

The Salt of Piran

The palaces, squares and streets of Piran owe a big part of their magic to the salt production in the region.  Throughout the rich history of Piran, salt played an important role and was the central source of wealth for many. To this date, a part of the Strunjan saltpans has been preserved, while the Sečovlje saltpans still maintain the traditional salt production and the high quality of the salt. One of the best in the world. Already the sight of the salt pans is beautiful, yet you can also visit them, join the traditional salt makers´ celebration and get the whole experience. Do not be surprised if you find the Salt of Piran in the premium restaurants or on the shelves of a prestigious stores in some of the European cities.

Trips around Portorož, Piran and the surrounding area

Portorož and Piran are excellent destinations and a great starting point for a variety of excursions to near and far. Their countryside offers you genuine experiences with that special feeling that the time has come to a halt. Above the sea, on the hills of Slovenian Istria and in the old Istrian villages you can still admire the monumentally protected stone houses. Enjoy the seaviews and the Alps on the horizon, plantations of olive trees and vineyards on steep slopes, valleys full of orchards. Take the stroll down the Istrian Wine Road. Discover the heritage of Istrian farmers and enjoy their delicious food. While walking along the narrow village streets, visit the ˝Torkla˝, the traditional olive press. In autumn you can even taste freshly pressed olive oil and see the whole proces. Alternatively you can choose a marine adventure, take a boat trip to Venice, or go on a shopping trip to the nearby Trieste, Italy.


Enrich your vacation with a gourmet excursion in the coastal hinterland in order to taste the locally produced olive oil, wines and carefully prepared Mediterranean food. Borrow a vintage car or electric bike. Visit the Istrian villages or drive  down the famous Parenzana. Taste the fresh seabass from a nearby fish farm. Have a chat with the locals.

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