Taste the Mediterranean in home-made sweets

The spacious and welcoming ambience is perfect for a pleasant chat. With friends or with your significant other. Skilled pastry chefs prepare daily fresh, home-made desserts for you. New, seasonally colored sweet treats are constantly being added to the rich offer, and there's a reason why you won't be able to resist them.

Sweet tasting on Women's Day

On Saturday, March 9, we invite you to a Sweet Tasting. In a unique multi-course culinary experience, we will spoil you with delicious desserts such as cheesecake macron with strawberry and fresh mint and marinated pineapple with passionfruit, mango and lemongrass ice cream. Accompanied by live music and selected drinks such as Grey Goose Vodka and Cointreau Orange Liqueur, this will be an evening of sweet delights to remember.

Innovative Doughnut

Discover our unique carnival treat: a doughnut with lemon cream flavour, refreshing lemon gel and delicate meringue, enriched with complementary ingredients such as olive oil, lemon liqueur and white chocolate. Awarded 2nd place in the Innovative Doughnut category at the traditional Slovenian Chamber of Tourism and Catering's Best Doughnut 2024 competition, where it won over the jury's taste buds among 30 doughnuts.

Occasional cakes to order

Do you want to surprise a friend, family or colleagues?

All casual cakes in your favorite flavor, shape and size can be prepared by prior order to: slascicarna@lifeclass.net

Authentic Mediterranean flavours

In addition to delicious cakes, desserts and croissants, our showcase also offers heavenly French macaroons.
These fragile, tender, filled cookies will melt in your mouth with every bite. Choose from several flavors. None will leave you indifferent.

Sweets for vegans too

At Cafè Central, we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the sweet indulgences of life, regardless of their dietary habits.
That's why you'll always find a selection of vegan cakes in our showcase. Made with the finest ingredients and no animal products, these delicacies are true masterpieces of taste and creativity.

The Best Donut of Slovenia 2021

The pastry chefs prepare the dough according to a carefully guarded recipe, then shape each doughnut by hand and leave it to rise for several hours. They also pay special attention to the filling, as the best doughnuts must have just the right ratio of filling to size. That's why every bite into the still-warm, fluffy dough and just the right amount of runny, sweet jam is a real explosion of texture and flavour.

Pop by Gault & Millau

In the renowned Gault & Millau culinary guide for the year 2021, the best restaurants in Slovenia are accompanied by 107 bistros, canteens and restaurants that boast the POP by Gault & Millau label.

Among them are Café Central and Istrian bistro & Tapas bar.

Opening times

8.00 - 22.00



Obala 33, 6320 Portorož, Slovenija


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