5 tips to boost your immune system this autumn

31. 08. 2020
As the seasons change, so does our mood. The idea of cold autumn does not seem attractive to us at first. Nevertheless, the summer atmosphere and well-being can last longer than the calendar summer. We have found this five tips for you in order to feel great this autumn.
5 tips to boost your immune system this autumn

1. Start your day by the sea

Imagine waking up to sea views instead of walking into a foggy morning. Imagine you open the balcony door of the hotel room and enjoy a warm sea breeze mixed with the scent of pine trees enter your body. Then  do some stretching, followed by a run by the sea and a healthy mediterranean breakfast. If your blood sugar level drops after morning sports activities, the freshly squeezed natural juice from Café Central will definitely fill you up with energy.

2. Think positive

Unfortunately, this year is not sparing us with bad news. Although anxiety and fear seem to be part of the mandatory equipment, they don’t actually help the situation to improve. Instead of spoiling our mornings by analyzing things we can’t change, we should rather take a deep breath, think of something beautiful, and smile at the image in the mirror. Cast away the negativity and fill yourself with the positive vibrations. This is what drives us forward.

3. Have a swim in the thermal water

The precious thermal water of Terme Portorož, which helps to prevent rheumatic and orthopedic diseases, skin irregularities, liver diseases and respiratory problems, is pumped from a depth of 724 meters, where its temperature reaches between 23 and 25° Celsius and is considered to be 42,000 years old. It is classified as a healing sulfide mineral water, as it is rich in sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorides and sulfides. Swimming in such water, combined with Mediterranean diet, positively affects your immune system and strengthens it, in a way that will make your body less susceptible to various infections.

4. Include yoga

There are people who can’t do without yoga. They practice it at home, on business trips and even while on vacation. They truly believe that this traditional Indian practice, based on the principles of Ayurveda, has changed their lives. Ayurvedic counselors from the Shakti-Ayurveda Center in Portorož will be happy to teach you basic yoga exercises that you can easily include in your daily routine. The results are visible soon after the first yoga lesson - you will feel less tense and have more energy. Check what is the equipment you need for this activity.

5. Pamper yourself

Don´t forget to pamper yourself. Visiting a wellness center with different types of sauna is very relaxing but also improves immune system and prevents cold. Close your eyes and enter the Sauna Park. Besides the classical sauna, you can strenghten your immunity within salt sauna, Kneipp baths and ice cave. In between the brakes, visit the sunny terrace with sea view or try an energetic thai massage, provided by thai masseurs within Wai Thai Center. May this autumn by the sea become one long summer

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