Natural Patisseries

Mediterranean Flavours from Local Natural Ingredients

In a pleasant ambience of the Café Central, you are pampered with the recognisable tastes of our daily fresh cakes and ice creams made from natural ingredients at our own confectioner's.  Our patisseries are infused with the flavours of the Mediterranean and local produce – olive oil, nuts, basil, Salt Flower, etc. A diverse selection of fresh cakes is adapted to an individual season when fruit and other produce are available in the local environment.

Furthermore, we offer you special cakes, tailored to specific diets: for vegans, without eggs, gluten-free and without nuts, for diabetics, suitable for children, without alcohol. Everything for your absolute and healthy indulgence.


Would You Like to Try Our Chocolate Cake with Basil?

For all our guests with a sweet tooth, we have prepared exquisite cakes made exclusively of natural ingredients and adjusted to specific nutritional habits or requirements. We would like to recommend you our Chocolate Cake with Basil (gluten-free and without nuts) or the Riso Cake (without eggs or ingredients of animal origin). The Chocolate Cake with Basil contains cocoa, sugar, butter, dark chocolate, eggs, organic lemons, cream, fresh basil and gelatine leaf. The Riso Cake contains margarine, minced walnuts, brown sugar, rice milk, bourbon vanilla pod, cornstarch, vegetable cream and fresh forest fruits. Simply delicious and healthy!

Queens of the Café Central

Our Café Central prides itself on its Queens – numerous delicious winner cakes that have won prizes or medals at recognised culinary competitions.

  • Petite Blonde
  • Toffee Cake
  • Cake as Beautiful as Oil
  • Grand Hotel Portorož
  • Salt Flower

The gold medal at the competition for “The Best Cake” of the Sweet Istria 2012 was won by the cake “Soup? No, Minestrone!” prepared by Saša Jankovič, our in-house master confectioner. 

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