Water Recreation

Hotel guests have unlimited free entry to the swimming-pool complexes with sea water and the swimming pools with the thermal Prehistoric Sea (the 42,000-year-old sea). Every day, in the morning or afternoon, you may also join the guided water recreation: exercise under the guidance of a physiotherapist or water aerobics. Jump into the sea and have a good stretch!

Swimming in the swimming pools with the thermal Prehistoric Sea water has beneficial preventive and curative effects on the skin, respiratory organs and well-being of everyone. You will be filled with energy of the 42,000-years-old Prehistoric Sea. Swimming in sea water stimulates the functioning of the organs (the liver, kidney, skin) that excrete harmful substances from the body. These substances travel to the skin surface through the lymphatic system, and salt accelerates their excretion. Sea salt is rich in a myriad of substances. It contains at least 80 different minerals: carbonates, sulphates, calcium, potassium, bromine, sodium, manganese, magnesium, iodine, iron, fluorine and silicic acid. Therefore, salt has beneficial effects on the skin and helps with various skin conditions.

 Entry to the swimming-pool complexes and participation in guided water recreation is free for all hotel guests.

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