Sauna Park

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7 Types of Saunas

The Thalasso Sauna, Moorish Steam Sauna, Tepidarium, Herbal Sauna, Laconium, Salt Steam Sauna, Finnish Sauna, a variety of relaxation areas, etc. Have you already chosen your favourite combination?


Experience the rituals of air-whirling and exfoliation with citrus fruits, chocolate, Mediterranean herbs, etc. They increase the effects of sauna and create amazing experiences.

Salt Steam Sauna

This sauna has a beneficial effect on the locomotor system, respiratory organs, detoxifies the body and strengthens the immunity. It enables the ideal exfoliation and serves as an introductory treatment to all the other types of sauna.

We reccomend

Sauna Park (2 hours / during weekend and holidays) - hotel guests

Sauna Park
Only 15 € per person


Sauna Park (2 hours during the week) - hotel guests

Sauna Park
Only 12 € per person


Sauna Park (2 hours) - during week

Sauna Park
Only 19 € per person


Sauna Park (2 hours) - during weekend and holidays

Sauna Park
Only 24 € per person


Ice Cave

Our Ice Cave is a place with real ice and snow, intended for quickly cooling down your body after the sauna, thus improving blood circulation and strengthening your immune system.

The rubbing of snow on the body and low temperatures in the cave have the same effect as jumping into cold water.

We recommend spending a short time in the Ice Cave – until the first sensation of cold. A visit is only advised to those who do not suffer from any problems with the heart and circulatory system.


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