5 local natural elements

The Terme Portorož are the most comprehensive thermal, health and wellness centre in Europe.

Furthermore, our Terme Portorož is are absolutely unique on account of the use of five local natural medicinal factors:

  • Salt pan mud (fango)
  • Brine (Aqua Madre)   
  • Mediterranean climate  
  • Sea water  
  • Thermal Prehistoric Sea (thermal-mineral water)  

 All of these elements are extensively used at our Mediterranean Anti-Ageing Clinic.


Salt Pan Mud (Fango)

Salt pan mud (fango) is Istrian clay of blackish colour, enriched with brine. Clay is pasty, naturally soft and homogeneous. In the salt pans, clay absorbs minerals from brine in extremely high concentration.  

We mostly use thermal and chemical effects of the mud during our therapeutic treatments. The salt pan mud is used for mud packs on affected areas or, mixed with brine and sea water, for mud baths.

We mainly recommend mud packs for degenerative changes of the locomotor system (back, low back, joint pains), muscle pain, chronic rheumatism.

  • In addition, we increasingly use salt pan mud for cosmetic purposes.  It has a remarkable effect on the skin, making it softer, more toned, and cleaner (it has outstanding anti-acne properties) due to its soothing effect.   
  • Salt pan mud is an excellent means for exfoliation. The thermal effect of salt pan mud takes part in the body’s metabolism, accelerates the excretion of sweat and waste matter from the body, thus stimulating the body’s detoxification and cellulite melting.


Brine (Acqua madre)

Brine is highly concentrated sulphuric water containing also minerals like bromine, iodine and magnesium. It is obtained in the process of natural production of salt in the Sečovlje salt pans and therefore contains no irritating substances (allergens). As such, it need not be cleaned or filtered before use, preserving thus its original chemical effectiveness.

  • Brine is used in the form of baths with bubbling massage, which make use of its thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. Bathing in brine has a calming effect; it transforms and refreshes the exhausted body through stimulation and strengthening of its defences. It improves the blood flow throughout the body providing an increased supply of oxygen which consequently results in the skin becoming more elastic, firm, beautiful, healthy and youthful in appearance. It also has a beneficial effect on the scars and adhesions that become more elastic and soft allowing for increased mobility in individual joints.


  • Brine is recommended for joint and muscle pains, pains of  regenerative and rheumatic origin, tingling, cramps in arms and legs, dizziness, limited joint mobility as well as for post fracture and postoperative mobility conditions. It has proven indispensable in treatments of chronic inflammation of the respiratory system and lungs and extremely beneficial to anyone wanting to give up smoking.

Prehistoric Sea

The Prehistoric Sea or the 42,000-year-old sea with amazing medicinal properties was discovered in close proximity of our Terme & Wellness LifeClass in 1994. Our thermal-mineral water is absolutely unique in this part of Europe as it combines medicinal properties of land mineral water and sea water.

The latest research of the thermal-mineral water from our Terme Portorož was carried out in a specialist laboratory in Florida, USA. The results revealed that there is actually 42,000 year-old prehistoric sea caught in the bosom of the Earth, coming to the surface through a 705-metre well and has a source temperature of 23 °C. Due to its rich mineral content (chlorides, sulphates, sodium, potassium, magnesium), the water ranks among very hard, low alkaline, medium to highly mineralised and medicinal sulphide mineral waters. Swimming in the swimming pools with thermal-mineral water has preventive and curative beneficial effects on the skin, respiratory organs as well as on well-being of everyone.

Based on a balneological analysis, the thermomineral water is suitable for the following:

  • The treatment of rheumatism and sciatica
  • The treatment of skin diseases, infections and inflammations
  • The treatment of diseases of the central nervous system
  • The treatment of orthopaedic conditions
  • The treatment of gynaecological diseases
  • The treatment of liver and gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • The treatment of respiratory diseases
  • The treatment of arthritic diseases
  • The treatment of posttraumatic and postsurgical pains
  • The stimulation of the lymphoid system
  • Body detoxification

Sea Water

At the very north of the Adriatic Sea, where the European continent is most deeply indented by the sea, the sea is clean, warm and azure. The sea and its elements offer infinite possibilities of recreation and well-being. At our Terme Portorož, sea water is used for sea baths that alleviate recuperation and stretching after injuries and orthopaedic surgery.

The positive effects of swimming in the sea water are the following:

• Natural sea baths have beneficial effects on the body, improve blood flow and metabolism.   

• They are recommended to all of you who suffer from back problems. Every move in the water is done more easily, thus enabling a larger number of repetitions, and consequently the firming of muscles.

• The stimulation of the functioning of the organs that excrete toxic substances from the body (the liver, kidneys, skin). These substances move towards the surface of the skin through the lymphoid system, and salt accelerates their excretion.

• Sea salt contains a wealth of ingredients.  It contains at least 80 different minerals: carbonates, sulphates, as well as calcium, potassium, bromine, sodium, manganese, magnesium, iodine, iron, fluorine, and silicic acid.  Therefore, salt has a beneficial effect on the skin, helping alleviate a large number of skin conditions, such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and a variety of skin eczema.

• Swimming accelerates breathing and the beating of the heart. The chest expands and contracts more strongly, thus strengthening respiratory muscles what improves a health condition of people with chronic pulmonary diseases.

Mediterranean Climate

Portorož lies in the shelter of the Bay of Piran. The Mediterranean climate here is mild with numerous sunny days and temperate transitions between the seasons. The beneficial sea climate improves people’s psychophysical well-being.

On the coast, particularly during strolls around the salt pans, you breath in natural aerosol containing sodium, chlorine, iodine, bromine, magnesium, silicon and ozone, brought from the sea by the wind sirocco. In addition, the bora wind tends to mix the essential oils of coniferous trees from the land with natural aerosol, thus combining medicinal effects of the both. According to the criteria of the International Association for Balneology, the air in Portorož is classified as clean.  All year round, the climate is suitable for a holiday and entertainment as well as for the relief of problems caused by chronic diseases of the respiratory system. Breathe with the full lungs!

Positive effects of the sea air on well-being:

  • Sea salt acts as an antiseptic and antihistamine, inhibiting allergic reactions. The clean sea air makes breathing easier, therefore having a beneficial effect on all of you who suffer from asthmatic problems.
  • The sea air contains a lot of negative ions that balance a level of serotonin, a hormone of happiness in the body, stimulate deep and proper breathing, boost the immune system, improve concentration, relieve insomnia, depression, headache and fatigue.
  • The blue colour and looking at distant sea have a positive effect on the eyes.


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Abyangham Ayurvedic massage (Vata, Kapha or Pitta) – WEB

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