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Favourite seafood dishes in the comfort of the beach

Enjoy delicious specialities by the shore: grilled meat delicacies, fried calamari or a refreshing vitamin salad, all with a view of the sea. Don't let hunger drive you from your sun lounger! Treat yourself to a plate full of Mediterranean delights and relax with a glass of sparkling wine or homemade Malvasia. The perfect seaside experience.

Classic or with a Mediterranean twist. Always delicious pizza.

Have you tried the pizza Mare yet? The taste of the sea and the view of it. The interplay of flavours of seafood, mozzarella, Mediterranean vegetables and sun-dried tomatoes. A lunch or a light dinner that puts a smile on your face.

Local in a modern way

Slovenian Istria is renowned for its culinary excellence. Sardines, fish brodet, home-made and cured meat delicacies are ingredients that can also be found on your plate. Authentic dishes that tell the story of the destination.

Dance your night away

There come the times when you just want to relax after a day on the beach with a glass of Limoncello spritz while enjoying the dance rhythms. Spacious dance floor and a stage for musicians. In the air – the scent of summer for complete relaxation.

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