Yoga, pilates and meditation - activities for stress relief and relaxation

10. 08. 2020
Cleansing the body and mind is just as important as cleaning the apartment. Above all, the mind is the one we all take for granted too often. So boost your strength, vitality and energy and take care of your well-being.
Yoga, pilates and meditation - activities for stress relief and relaxation

Yoga for internal detoxification

Are you planning to detoxify your body? Consider some yoga class! Yoga is an ancient discipline that combines body, mind and spirit. Yoga poses and asanas stretch the body and massage the internal organs at the same time. Thus, they stimulate the functioning of the liver and kidneys, which helps to detoxify our body.

Expect your body to react a bit strangely while performing your detox program. It might resist the changes with headache, fatigue and constipation. Practicing yoga nonetheless will stimulate your digestion and other organs!

The positive effects of yoga are enormous. The liver will process more toxins, the kidneys will excrete urine faster, the capacity of the lungs will increase, the pores on your skin will be cleansed, and the intestines will respond with regular digestion. You will finally be able to say goodbye to the bloating!

ACCESSORIES: exercise pillow, comfortable clothes.

Since you do not need special equipment for yoga, you can practice it anywhere, even at home. If you are going to do detox on vacation, find out if they also organize outdoor yoga practice in a hotel resort. Yoga on the beach in the early morning hours or while looking at the setting sun has a special charm.

Our advice: drink a lot of water after practicing yoga on the Meduza Beach in Portorož, as this will wash away even more toxins from your body.

With Pilates against back pain

If your job requires mostly sedentary work, such as in an office or car, then you know what sore muscles and joints are. The next stage is already incorrect posture and pain in the lower back and spine.

Your solution is Pilates, which will increase body mobility, reduce the risk of injury and improve posture. Pilates improves the muscle and spine mobility which helps to eliminate headaches, tension, neck pain and many other aches and pains.

Our tip: Turn Pilates into your daily exercise!

3x FOR Pilates

  • does not cause bond wear,
  • does not burden the muscles or joints (on the contrary - the joints become more flexible!),
  • everyday tasks are no longer a challenge.

Pilates is a relaxing way of exercising so it can be performed by people of different body types and all ages. A special attention is paid to breathing, which helps to perform the exercise correctly and eliminate the consequences of daily stress.

Need some help with fighting body fat? Pilates helps sculpting and shaping the body and is also a great idea for weight loss! With regular exercise, you will quickly notice a reduction in excess weight and excess fat.

ACCESSORIES: elastic bands, weights, small and large balls, pilates rings

You can practice Pilates basically everywhere. In just 10 minutes, you can successfully strengthen your abdominal and back muscles, so don't skip the workout even on vacation!

Meditation: Proper breathing helps to reduce stress

Do you frown at the title? Okay, then we caught your attention. If you are among those who think that proper breathing is something we all automatically know from birth, read on.

Ancient texts of Ayurveda prove that the methods of breathing and meditation effectively treat many problems we face in a stressful everyday life. Think about how you breathe in stressful situations? Shallow and short. That’s why deep breathing, which fills your lungs with oxygen, is a great technique for reducing stress.

With proper breathing and meditation, you will increase concentration, awareness, and alertness.

The golden rules of meditation

  1. Create a quiet environment: mute your mobile phone, TV or radio to minimize interference.
  2. Sit or lie down: make sure your back is straight.

3.Choose focus: it can be a scene you imagine in your head or something that is physically in front of you e.g. sunset. Focus on it so that your mind does not run from one end to the other.

  1. Breathe from the abdomen: this will inhale more oxygen and the brain will calm down.
  2. Count: Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, while contracting your abdominal muscles and counting slowly.

ACCESSORIES: You don't need them.

You can learn proper and effective breathing under the guidance of an expert. Once you have mastered the techniques, you can practice and use them at any time. For example, in the morning in bed - for energy for a new day. At the office - you can use them to help you concentrate more. You can also use the techniques before an important meeting as the breathing techniques can significantly reduce your nervousness.

At LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož, we are aware that everyday stress has a negative effect on physical as well as mental well-being. That is why we have prepared professionally guided yoga and pranayama breathing exercises programs for our guests, which you can attend every day or several times a week. Check the program schedule and join us in a workout that will teach you how to deal with the effects of stress and worry.

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