Wai Thai Centre

We recommend

Oriental Foot Massage, 40 min

Wai Thai
Only 45 € per person


Thai Massage with Selected Aromatic Oils, 50 min

Wai Thai
Only 59 € per person


Traditional Thai Massage, 50 min

Wai Thai
Only 59 €


Wai Thai Massage, 50 min

Wai Thai
Only 53.10 € 59 €
The special offer is valid till 25.09.2016


Special Features

Wai Thai Massage

A combination of traditional Thai massage and massage with oil and massage balls relaxes the body, increases its flexibility, and improves well-being.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage was developed out of a wish to give physical happiness to a loved one. It is based on the concept of the ten most important energy channels flowing through the body.

Essential Oils

At our Wai Thai Centre we use massage oils made from completely natural, cold pressed plant oils, as well as blends of essential oils that are easily absorbed into the skin and cause no allergies.

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