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The Beauty from the Sea

The term “thalassotherapy” denotes the exploitation of sea products for the purposes of health and beauty by means of ancient and modern techniques, as well as the holistic spending of free time and recreation by the sea.

Pain Relief

We recommend mud packs for pain relief, particularly in cases of degenerative changes of the locomotor system (back, low back, joint pains), muscle pain, chronic rheumatism, etc.

The Healthy Lungs

Salt therapies given in the Salt Room are medically proven and clinically tested. In addition, they have an outstanding record on health improvement because tiny particles of the dry aerosol of salt reach the lower part of the lungs during inhalation.

Special Features

Salt Pan Mud

Salt pan mud (fango) is used for mud packs on affected areas or, mixed with brine and sea water, for mud baths.

Sea Water

Sea water stimulates the functioning of the organs that excrete toxic substances from the body (the liver, kidneys, skin). These substances move towards the surface of the skin through the lymphoid system, and salt accelerates their excretion.

Brine (Aqua Madre)

Brine is often used in the form of pearl baths. It stimulates and invigorates exhausted functions of the body, strengthens the body’s defence capabilities, has a soothing effect, etc.

We Recommend

Brine inhalations

Thalasso Centre
Only 11 € per person


Mud (Fango) Body Pack against Cellulite, 20 min

Thalasso Centre
Only 26 € per person


Multi-jet bath (various types of baths), 20 min

Thalasso Centre
Only 37 € per person


Algae Body Pack - Whole Body, 20 min

Thalasso Centre
Only 39 € per person


Sea Products for Preventive and Curative Purposes

The premium-quality products of the Piran Salt Pans:

  • Piran salt
  • Fango (salt pan mud) 
  • Brine
The sea products are produced in accordance with a traditional manual process. They contain the energy of the sea, a wealth of minerals as well as medicinal organic compounds that have a beneficial effect on your health, beauty and well-being.

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