Medicinal properties of the Prehistoric Sea

Due to its unique chemical and physical properties, the thermal mineral water may be especially used for the purposes of prevention and treatment of the locomotor system conditions (degenerative and rheumatic), injuries and surgery on the locomotor system, neurological diseases, skin and respiratory problems as well as in gynaecology. On account of the thermal mineral water’s beneficial effect on the lymphoid system, the water is also beneficial for body detox. In addition, its direct effect on the skin and hypodermis makes it useful for anti-aging programmes.

The thermal mineral water may be also used individually for the purpose of an isolated therapy, however, its effectiveness boosts in the combination with other local natural substances (especially salt pan mud - fango) and the use in physiotherapies, massages and saunas.

LEPA VELJANOVIČ, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, Acupuncturist, Balneologist.


Based on a balneological analysis, the thermomineral water is suitable for the following:

  • The treatment of rheumatism and sciatica
  • The treatment of skin diseases, infections and inflammations
  • The treatment of diseases of the central nervous system
  • The treatment of orthopaedic conditions
  • The treatment of gynaecological diseases
  • The treatment of liver and gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • The treatment of respiratory diseases
  • The treatment of arthritic diseases
  • The treatment of posttraumatic and postsurgical pains
  • The stimulation of the lymphoid system
  • Body detoxification

The Chemical Analysis of the Thermal-Mineral Water

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