Swimming-pools with the Prehistoric Sea

The source of primeval energy

There is a real time machine in the centre of Portorož! Warm colours of Istrian nature give a relaxing feeling of warmth to exceptionally stylish ambience surrounding the swimming pool filled with “the source of primeval energy” – the 42,000-year-old Prehistoric Sea. 

Dive into this elixir of life, be filled with energy, and get connected with the spirit of ancestors.   The latter is best portrayed on the wall murals from the prehistory.

The Prehistoric Sea is thermal-mineral water whose chemical composition makes it unique in this part of Europe. The water has amazingly beneficial effects on health and well-being.  

The swimming-pool complex covers an area of 2,000 m2, of which 700 m2 are water areas. The complex consists of:   

  • The swimming pool
  • The big resting pool
  • The children’s pool
  • Two whirlpools
  • The Sunny Terrace with a view of Portorož and the Bay of Piran

There are water cannons, underwater massage sunbeds, underwater massage benches as well as hot springs at your disposal.  

Swimming in the thermal-mineral water swimming pool has a beneficial effect on the skin, respiratory organs, locomotor system, and general well-being of everyone.

The 42,000-Year-Old Prehistoric Sea

One day, 42,000 years ago, mammoths were grazing in the meadow by the sea, and reindeer were timidly observing them from the wood, constantly watching out for cave lions and leopards. The air was tense, and the animals grew restless. And then, the ground shook. Hairy rhinos were the first to start running away.  The first shock was followed by another one, even more violent. Then deep cracks started to appear in the ground, and the sea began flowing into them. Nature, just like hundreds of times before, exhibited her tremendous force, and took to her bosom a moment of the old days.

After having been caught in the deep layers of the Earth for thousands of years, this very sea came into the world again in thermal pools in the middle of Portorož. The underground sea is pumped from a 705-metre deep well.  

In terms of chemical composition, the Prehistoric Sea only partly resembles the present-day sea. The Prehistoric Sea’s high mineral content (chlorides, sulphates, sodium, potassium, magnesium) ranks it among very hard, low alkaline, highly mineralised and medicinal sulphide thermal-mineral waters.  Its source temperature is 23°C.

This sea is a source of primeval energy, having a beneficial effect on health and well-being of everyone.

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