Special Features

New swimming-pools with sea water

3000 m2 of new and warm sea advetures await you. Do not miss it.

42,000-year-old Prehistoric Sea

42,000 year-old Prehistoric Sea caught in the bosom of the Earth, coming to the surface from a depth of 700 metres.

Prehistoric Sea: Medicinal properties

Swimming in the swimming pools with thermomineral water has beneficial effects on the skin, respiratory organs and well-being of everyone.

Due to its unique chemical and physical properties, the thermal mineral water may be especially used for the purposes of prevention and treatment of the locomotor system conditions (degenerative and rheumatic), injuries and surgery on the locomotor system, neurological diseases, skin and respiratory problems as well as in gynaecology.

We recommend

Swimming-Pools with thermal Prehistoric Sea (2 hours) during week - children

Only 8 € per person


Swimming-Pools with thermal Prehistoric Sea (4 hours) during the week - children

Only 11 € per person

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