Ayurveda DETOX

Detoxification and Cleansing of the Body

Due to the growing intake of toxic substances into the body by means of an incorrect diet and lifestyle, cells become more and more poisoned and vital body functions decrease. The reason for malaise and reduction of physical energy lies in the poisoning of the body. Consequently, a poisoned body leads to disease and imbalance in the body. Problems with metabolism, hormonal imbalance, back pain, etc. appear. In order to feel better, a person must first detoxify their body and then start an appropriate treatment for the disease.

At the Shakti – Ayurveda Centre we will help you to eliminate numerous health problems and malaise with the help of our Ayurvedic specialist, a proper diet, regular meditation, yoga, sports activities, wellness treatments, and other Ayurvedic detox programmes.

For whom is the DETOX programme intended?

Ayurveda DETOX programme

Ayurveda detox (7 nights)

Grand Hotel Portorož **** superior
Fullboard & wellness
from 214 € per person / day


Ayurveda mini detox (2 nights)

Grand Hotel Portorož **** superior
Halfboard & wellness
from 153 € per person / day

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