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Pressotherapy – Mechanical Lymph Drainage, 30 min

Pressotherapy is mechanical lymph drainage which stimulates drainage of the lymph into the main lymph nodes, thus boosting the outflow of toxins and excess water from the body as well as cellulite reduction.

Beauty Centre
Only 25 € per person


Facial Massage and a Mask Depending on a Skin Type, 40 min

An intensive massage of the face, neck and décolletage is complemented with a facial mask for the revitalisation and increase in the elasticity of your skin.

Beauty Centre
Only 33.30 € 37 € per person
The special offer is valid till 04.09.2016


Face Care »à la Carte«, 60 min

This exceptional facial treatment is intended for individual skin care needs. The treatment begins with a skin analysis based on which we determine the products most appropriate for your skin type. There are prestigious facial treatment programmes to choose from, like yoghurt treatment, collagen treatment, hydro-elastine moisturising treatment, oily and unclean skin treatment, anti-stress treatment and lifting treatment. After the 60-minute treatment the skin acquires a nourished and shiny appearance, whereas the 90-minute treatment comprises also deep pore cleansing.

Beauty Centre
Only 62 € per person


Oxygen Airbrush – Skin Renewal with Oxygen, 60 min

The Oxygen Airbrush is the skin renewal with the help of oxygen, however, without any injections into the hypodermis. Furthermore, it is a non-invasive method of renewing and invigorating the skin. In addition to oxygen spraying, it also includes a nourishing hyaluronic treatment. Oxygen enables active ingredients to make their way into the deeper layers of the skin, soothing and cooling it. The treatment’s results are already visible after the first visit, however, we recommend you six therapies for the optimal effect. The therapy may be performed every other day for the purpose of achieving an intensive and fast effect, or once a week for a long-lasting and permanent effect.

Beauty Centre
Only 65 € per person


Special Features

Anti-Ageing and Anti-Stress Programmes

The trends of beauty services are constantly developing and achieving quick and successful results in the field of rejuvenation.

Natural Treatments for the Facial and Body Care

Over 100 of the most advanced and natural treatments for high-quality care, relaxation and rejuvenation of the whole body.

Body Shaping and Cellulite Removal

With the help of our state-of-the-art programmes and technology, removing cellulite and fat pads has become quite a simple task.

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