Summer happenings in Café Central

Portorož, 15. 7. 2015

You can enrich this year's hot summer evenings with a visit to Café Central in Grand Hotel Portorož, where we have prepared Saturday night concerts with outstanding musical groups of various genres. You can refresh yourself with a wide selection of summer cocktails and satisfy your sweet tooth with superb homemade Mediterranean cakes. All the musical events are free. You are cordially invited.

Summer concerts

July 18       Vlado Batista latin jazz trio

July 25       Excellent Choice

August 1    Jazz Less Ness

August 8    Excellent Choice

August 15   Vivaracha

August 22   Excellent Choice

August 29   Nazzarenno Zacconi Power trio

Summer cocktails

Refresh yourself during the musical performances with Café Central's rich offer:

  • summer cocktails
  • fresh fruit juices
  • homemade Mediterranean cakes
  • icecream sundaes and cakes


Come and have a taste of Mediterranean.

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69 €
80 min
Wai Thai Massage
A combination of traditional Thai massage, and massage using oil and spheres. Besides relaxing the body and increasing its flexibility, the Wai Thai massage improves overall well-being and helps establish a healthy mind within a healthy body. The treatment comprises a whole body massage, including face and scalp.  
Oriental Foot Massage
45 €
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Oriental Foot Massage
A massage of the reflex zones on the feet balances body energy and improves the function of internal organs and organ systems.
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Pedicure – Classical
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Abyangham (Vata, Kapha or Pitta) – Ayurvedic massage
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