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We are happy to announce that we are opening our hotel resort. Follow us on our website and social media in order to get accurate and first-hand information.

Welcome to the World of healthy experiences!

The LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož resort is open 365 days a year. It combines six 4 and 5* hotels, each with it´s own story, Terme Portorož as well as 7 medical and wellness centers. A long tradition of hospitality, healing with 5 local natural factors and culinary experiences at every step. Just a step away from the sea.

Dear guests,

We inform you that Act-ION Hotel Neptun, Grand Hotel Portorož, Wellness Hotel Apollo and Mind Hotel Slovenia are open again, while Hotel Riviera will open on 24th of June 2021. Since only a limited number of rooms can be occupied, according to the recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, we advise you to arrange your reservation by telephone on our Booking Department number: +386 5 692 9001 or by e-mail: booking@lifeclass as soon as possible.

In order to guarantee a safe and truly carefree vacation, we kindly ask you to meet the conditions below. At your arrival you will need to provide us with one of the following documents:

  • Proof of past Covid-19 infection from which not more than 6 months have passed;
  • Negative PCR or Rapid Antigen test which is not older than 48 hours;
  • Proof of a positive PCR test, from which at least 10 days have passed and not more than 6 months have passed;
  • Vaccination certificate (for Pfizer is valid the seventh day from the second dose, for Janssen 14 days from first dose, for the remaining vaccines 14 days from the second dose, for AstraZeneca 21 days from the first dose);
  • Single dose vaccination certificate within the last 8 months for those who already recovered from Covid-19 infection and also hold a proof of past infection (past positive PCR test);
  • The above conditions apply to persons over 15 years of age;

Keep calm. We will take care of everything.

We will let you know about the reopening of the entire LifeClass Hotels & Spa resort Portorož as soon as the epidemiological picture improves. In the meanwhile we recommend you to subscribe to our Newsletter in order to get the latest news from our side.

We thank you for your trust,

LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož

Live better. In the Mediterranean style.

Choose a hotel where you will feel comfortable. Where warm smiles and friendly people will accompany you at every step. Feel the comfort of your room, let yourself be enthralled by carefully selected details, exclusive views and a unique story. This is your holiday and you deserve to relax in style.

Wake up in a sunny embrace

Imagine that you are awakened by the soft murmur of the sea and that the sun embraces you with your first breath on the terrace. The green Mediterranean landscape is entwined with the blueness of the sea and reflects white salt crystals. It caresses your soul. Can you feel it? This is it. This is perfect balance.

Indulge in prestige and pampering

Look around you. Elegance and tradition. You can relax. Can we offer you bathing in thermo-mineral water with a view of the sea? We will take care of you. A plate with the best of Mediterranean cuisine awaits you. And just a step away - a prestigious private beach. We’ve prepared a recliner for you. Enjoy the day.

Follow the story of Mediterranean herbs

Let the new day bring you the fragrance of fresh Mediterranean herbs. They gently caress with their calming aroma and murmurs of healthy pleasures, of well-being. Take a moment for yourself, for your body. Awaken it, gently, with feeling. New experiences await you.

Relax and regenerate

A step to the beach or the outdoor pool with heated sea water? Pampering with a note of the Mediterranean or mystical Thailand? The choice is yours. Believe us, there is plenty of time for everything. Time passes slowly here; sometimes it even feels like it has stopped for a moment. And the view of the Bay of Piran is worth it. It chases away worries and inspires optimism.

Bike friendly

Did you know that Slovenian Istria is famous for it´s numerous cycling routes that offer stunning views not only of the sea and but also the vineyards? Act-ION Hotel Neptun is the first hotel with a ˝5-bikes categorization˝ on the Slovenian coast. This categorization represents the most holistic bike-friendly offer catering for both, amateur and professional cyclists. Within the hotel you can find a modern storage room and an info point while there is a Bike Wash corner just in front of the hotel. Discover the large selection of services for cyclists.

Finish your day in good company

This is your chance to spend time with your family. Quality time, stress-free, with a lot of laughter. And let new people into your life. You could meet over a plate of fresh Mediterranean delicacies or compete at fun board games. Friendship rejuvenates and it is quite possible that you will make lifelong bonds.

Dedicated to your well-being.

Sooner or later you have to stop. You need to draw the line somewhere and think about you. You are the most important one in your life; you influence the lives around you. You wish the best for your loved ones, do you not? But first you must take care of yourself. Find your balance, fill yourself with energy, make sure that your body and mind are youthful. You can do it.

Re-activate your vital energy.

The essence of well-being is in movement. Your body is made for it and your soul longs for active experiences. A walk in the beneficial Mediterranean climate will already fill you with fresh energy. Take advantage of the positive effects of negative ions in the sea air. Believe. They are beneficial to your health and well-being. Go for a bike tour in the hinterland. You will discover small corners that will forever stay in your heart. Do you already feel youthful energy slowly coming back into your body?

Taste health. Feel health.

Live to eat or eat to live? Think about it. Whatever the answer, the more important is what you eat. Let it be high quality, locally and carefully prepared food. Signed with love. Our Mediterranean fruit has a particularly distinctive aroma, tomatoes are intensely red, and the fish are so pure you can see health in them. Scented herbs accompany you at every step – during your walk, in your room, and of course on your plate. The final touch. Eat, enjoy, live.

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