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Running is a Healthy Pleasure, too!

Portorož, 13. 4. 2014

Why not join the 1st Banka Koper Istrian Marathon that will connect the three Istrian cities of Koper, Izola and Piran for the first time ever this year.

Be part of the story about the healthy spending of free time in Slovenian Istria.

The Istrian race is a unique event, having as many as four disciplines. Therefore, anyone of you may test your skills in healthy running and do something good for yourself.

The marathon starts in Koper, where the most daring runners will run along the coast, following the route of the former narrow-gauge railway called Porečanka to Izola. Then the course continues through a tunnel to the Valley of Strunjan and all the way to Portorož, a town with health spa tradition from the 13th century, and the most developed resort in Slovenia today. The course leads to Bernardin and all the way to Fornače, and then back following the same route. Thus, runners will successfully complete a 42-kilometre course.

The second discipline is the Istrian Half Marathon that starts in Piran and finishes in Koper after covering 21 kilometres through the majestic Slovenian Istria.

Furthermore, there is also a shorter race that is suitable for less fit runners. It has a course of 9 kilometres winding from Taverna in Koper along the Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve and back.

Last but not least, the fourth discipline, called the Mini Race, is suitable for everyone since it is a short, 500-metre race.

So, join the amateurs, race fans as well as professionals, and experience healthy pleasure yourself.

Click here for more information on the event.

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