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Center for aesthetics and anti-aging

Restore your youthful look and vitality

You can do a lot yourself. With care, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. We are here for the rest. Experts in aesthetic medicine. And the fight against ageing processes. We will help you maintain a youthful look. Or restore it. So that you will look and feel energetic.

Experience our unique advantages


Diagnosis of the hormonal state in your body

Hormonal balance is the key to effectively stopping the ageing processes.


A holistic approach to maintaining vitality

A mix of five local natural factors, Mediterranean food, medical wellness and modern medicine.


A unique programme

Five steps to combat ageing processes.


Individually-based therapies

Depending on your needs and previous analyses.


Non-surgical method of rejuvenation of face and body

The only appliance for this procedure in Slovenia.

Overcome the influence of time

We cannot stop time. We can, however, mitigate or even remove its effects. On your face and body. Our medical experts combine modern medical knowledge with state-of-the-art apparatus technologies. To encourage your regenerative processes. They perform contemporary invasive and non-invasive aesthetic services. To restore a youthful look. And vitality.

We help you live better and longer

We slow down the ageing process. We establish a healthier and better quality of life. We treat diseases related to ageing.

We combine knowledge and technology

Take the five steps in the fight against the aging process:



Anti-aging diagnostics.

Special diet

Anti-aging Mediterranean diet.

Physical activity

Adapted to each individual.

Medical and thermal procedures

For body and face care.


Therapies for the release of mental stress.

Opening times

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During busy periods, longer hours will apply.

Location and contact

Obala 33, 6320 Portorož, Slovenija
+386 5 692 80 09 
+386 5 692 80 65

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