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SOuL Relax

Relaxation for the Body and Soul

In Slovene, the word "salt" (sol) is pronounced similarly as the English word "soul". Coincidence? Not really. "Sol" (salt) is the soul of Portorož. 

SOuL Relax means relaxation for the body and soul. Taste, smell, observe, listen, and feel everything that surrounds you. Feel the history. Create a new story. With the sound of the murmur of the sea. 


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Autumn family holidays

Autumn family holidays

45 €
per person per day
Spend your Autumn holidays on the Slovenian coast.
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1 child free of charge
Activities on fresh sea air
Rich mediterranean breakfast

Feel SOuL with all your senses

Why SOuL Relax?

The tradition of salt production at the nearby Sečovlje salt pans is the same as it was 800 years ago.

Healthy and strong salt workers have taught the monks to use natural local elements deriving from the salt pans for healing purposes. The transfer of the knowledge has expanded the horizons of both of them.

We got salt (salt cultivation), which is one of the world's purest salts, and knowledge (mind cultivation) about the treatment, which we continue to enrich. A symbiosis that is still ongoing. Which we must keep.

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