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A new beginning. Every day.

Start anew. Now.

Every day is a new opportunity for us to start again. Since we have to start somewhere, let's start with ourselves. Let's do something for our health and our well-being. Let's treat ourselves to a break from everyday commotion and detox our body and thoughts. Away with the negative and in with the positive.

5 pieces of advice for a new beginning:


Take some time for yourself every day. Even as little as 15 minutes of meditation and relaxed breathing can do wonders.


Regularly stay physically active. Movement decreases the possibility of transient illnesses and strengthens the respiratory system and keeps our bones healthy.


Visit the sauna at least once per month. Sauna has a calming influence and a positive effect on the immune system as well as prevents common cold.


Treat yourself to a massage every now and then. Stress blocks your energy levels, which is reflected in poor circulation, muscle knots all over the body and bad mood.


Start your day by looking at the ocean instead of looking at your mobile phone screen.

When did you last time do something new

To start anew is like taking an empty piece of paper and draw on it whatever we want. Whatever inspires us, frees us from negative thoughts and motivates us to go further. Why not draw the Enso circle, which represents an infinite cycle of life, motion and growth in Zen Buddhism? May it serve you as a guide forward.

Enso vacation

Find the best version of yourself within yourself

In each and every one of us hides a spark that waits to be discovered. We can become better at any given moment and get closer to what we really want to become. Let this year be special also because of the time you will take for yourself. Well-being and beauty go hand in hand. Sometimes even a short session can achieve a great change. Well-known faces like Lorella Flego are also no strangers to an occasional non-invasive method for anti-aging such as aesthetic acupuncture and maderotherapy, which are carried out at the Centre for Aesthetics and Anti-Aging.

Stay vital 365

The vitaliy of body and mind is an important part of well-being. Why not going for a relaxation in the 7 different types of savnas within the Sauna Park on more than 1.000 m2 of surfaces or indulging to one of the many Thalasso treatments, inspired by more than 800-years of healing tradition. You will feel reborn.

Fit body – differently

What about being active in a different way this year? Water aerobics, breathing exercises, ayurvedic yoga, jogging by the sea, stretching in the modernly equiped fitness center LifeFit or swimming in the rhythm of meditative music in the heated swimming pools of Sea Spa, filled with sea water. Do not forget about the importance of comfortable and peaceful sleep which you can have plenty of as a guest of LifeClass Hotels & Spas. Waking up with the sea view.

Your colours at every corner

Did you know that everyone has their own colour? According to Ayurveda, that represents the
philosophy of life, we are divided into three doshas types depending on the body constitution and personal characteristics: wata, pitta and kapha, that tell us which colours, type of meditation and nutritional elements are the best for us. Harmonise yourself with the ayurvedic treatments from the Shakti-Ayurveda Center or let mind fly with rich assortimen of colourful Istrian bites at Istrian bistro & Tapas bar. Fire the spark within you!


Restore your zen powers

Healthy food, active lifestyle and time to rest benefit to the harmonised way of life. Rich mediterranean breakfast and envigorating walk by the sea will restore your powers, while freshly squeezed fruit juice from Café Central will load you with the vitamins. Why don´t you pamper yourself with the 7-course dinner in the exclusive Restaurant Salina. A home of clear lines, natural shades and pure white that represents the journey of the sea salt from the sea to the sky. Refreshing as a new day.

This is the world of healthy experiences.

Enter it and finally start to feel great. We will help you.

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