Even heroes need to relax

Each of us is a hero

We are all heroes. Each of us in our own way. At home. At work. In the company of our loved ones. Each of us is a hero for someone. And all heroes need a break. Without an active life and quality leisure time, a hero cannot easily overcome the challenges of everyday life.

Have you ever thought that even Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman take a vacation? All of us need a superbreak. Even you.

5 tips for the super heroes


Start the day by looking at the sea instead of your mobile phone


Fuel yourself with healthy energy with a Mediterranean breakfast at your favourite hotel


Go for a walk, jump into the swimming pools of Terme Portorož or into the sea


Get acquainted with traditional Istrian cuisine with a modern twist at the Istrian Bistro & Tapas Bar


Enjoy your favourite dessert together with live music at Café Central

Superheroes at sea

Just like in fairy tales and cartoons, there are heroes at LifeClass Portorož hotels. Portorož is the home of Mini-ION the sea hero. What he likes best is to play with children in the new playroom at the Neptun Hotel. Mini-ION has a special power. He is the master of negative ions in the air, and together they fight the evil positive ions that pollute our air. He is our superhero. Let your children jump into swimming pools with heated sea water – Sea SPA, or into the thermal Prehistoric Sea. Let them feel superjoy, just like you did when you waited impatiently to hear the theme song of your favourite cartoon. Take them on vacation to LifeClass Portorož. A super family vacation awaits you there.


Stay active also at your superbreak

Superheroes need action! Physical activity in the fresh sea air.

Can you imagine Superman or Batman lying on the beach all day long? They would never have become superheroes. Some heroes spend every day swimming in the sea or in the swimming pools of Terme Portorož. Batman likes Nordic walking with poles he borrowed free of charge at the reception of the Grand Hotel Portorož. Superman used to cycle a lot, but now he prefers to fly high in the beneficial sea air, and he often hangs out with other heroes who diligently work out at the Meduza hotel beach. The picturesque Slovenian beach has always something to offer to active heroes.


Get your superpower back

Have a comfortable and peaceful superhero sleep in one of the LifeClass Portorož hotels. A healthy Mediterranean breakfast and a refreshing stroll in the beneficial sea air. This will bring your superpowers back. A relaxing massage at the Shakti-Ayurveda Centre is just the cherry on top. Have you heard about the healing powers of a mud bath and other natural sea products? The Thalasso Centre has special treatments just for superheroes that will help you fly again. Pamper your skills and get you powers back.

Culinary experience with superfood

Would you care for a fresh, healthy, tasteful bite? Something made with olive oil, Mediterranean herbs, fresh out of the sea? Are you looking for something different? Treat yourselves to pralines, macaroons or cake at the Café Central. Even these sweet pleasures contain a touch of fleur de sel, basil and Refosco wine.

Can you image that a single night stay package also includes gourmet pleasures at one of the most prestigious restaurants in Slovenia? Salina is a brand new restaurant with the view of the amazing blue sea. You will enjoy a genuine culinary experience with a 7-course meal. Salt travelling from the universe to the sea. This is how real heroes travel. Unstoppably. Or, you can treat yourselves to colourful Istrian snacks at the Istrian bistro & Tapas bar allowing you to find your inspiration and rediscover your passions.


Superbreak for heroes

Act-ION package

Would you like an active break? Our recreational programme will provide your body with plenty of exercise. In the beneficial sea air, in sea water, alone or in company. Relieve stress and take care of your well-being.

4 days / 3 nights
bed & breakfast

from 79 € per person per day
Act-ION package

Super family package

Time spent with the family is precious. Make use of it. For socialising, entertainment, recreation, rest. Regain strength, accumulate positive energy. Together.

4 days / 3 nights

from 90 € per person per day
Super family package

Gourmet & Spa

Let us pamper you. With a healthy Mediterranean breakfast. With colourful Istrian snacks. With unique desserts. Taste authentic local flavours, experience authentic pampering.

3 days / 2 nights
bed and breakfast

from 113 € per person per day
Gourmet & Spa

This is the world of healthy pleasures.

Enter it and finally start to feel great. We will help you.