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Because you deserve the best. This is your vacation and it should be tailored to your wishes, needs and lifestyle. To help you choose among our diverse selection, we have prepared some packages that include accommodation and relaxation programmes, with a special discount. The best for your vacation.

Pampering in your hotel

LifeClass hotels are more than just a place by the sea. Much more. They are a safe haven that protects against the stresses of busy daily life, provides pampering of body and mind, takes care of your health and connects local stories with people. At every step, we take care of your well-being. Of you. To this end, we have carefully selected some elements from our offer and combined them into special packages tailored to the individual wishes and needs of our guests. Will you try to find yours?

Goal: excellent well-being

All too often, we tend to forget about ourselves, about relaxation. Harmful substances accumulate in our body, leading to an imbalance in the body, and inappropriate diet and rapid lifestyle start to show their impact. Sometimes, this is reflected by the look of our skin, sometimes by pathological symptoms. Trust our experts and take care of your health while there is still time. Pick a programme for you, for your well-being.

Are you looking for a way to well-being?

Because we care, we have prepared a selection of medical and wellness programmes. With their help, you’ll re-establish the balance in your body, resolve your problems, get new energy, improve your quality of life and rejuvenate your look. Browse through our selection of programmes for your well-being.

Gift certificates

Take care of your loved ones. Surprise them with a LifeClass gift certificate. They deserve to relax, pamper, taste the Mediterranean and feel the touch of the sun. To relax in style.

This is the world of healthy pleasures.

Enter it and finally start to feel great. We will help you.

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