Where to get pampered in Portorož?

07. 07. 2020
Summer is in full swing. Finally, we can enjoy a carefree holiday and treat ourselves to some sunbathing on the beach and a jump into the refreshing sea water. A glass of our favorite summer drink is a must-have. Due the current situation, the beautiful Slovenia is one of the best destinations to visit at the moment.
Where to get pampered in Portorož?

A soothing green oasis

In Portorož, the holiday vibe is at its peak. The Meduza and Meduza Exclusive Beach that cover the area of ​​almost 10,000 m2 have been renovated this year and arranged as a jetset beach should be. Newly laid grass and mighty palm trees, which are watered with the help of special irrigation systems, a nice stone fence and elegant outdoor showers are a wonderful background for a family "selfie" from Portorož!

Healthy shade is the key

Although the warm sunrays are pleasing, we should not be over-exposed to the heat. A combination of shade, cold shower and swimming in the cool water is undoubtedly a better choice than simply lying on the sand heated by the sun. There is plenty of natural shade on Meduza Beach. Escape from the scorching sun to the shelter of mighty pine trees or under the umbrellas of Meduza Beach bar, where you will be served with homemade ice-cream, freshly squeezed juices and cocktails. If you fancy some relaxation, you can indulge in a Thai massage right on the beach!

Kids fun on the beach

Free workshops in the shade of the Mini  Klub are a welcome addition to afternoons on the beach, and at the same time give parents some time to themselves. If you become hungry, there is a wide offer of cold cuts, grilled dishes and home-made pasta at the Meduza Restaurant, and live music is provided in the evenings. For a summer full of unforgettable memories!

The movie-like beach

Imagine a movie set with a beach with wooden piers, romantic pavilions and white curtains fluttering in the wind. No, this is not a shot from the Maldives but a real scene from Portorož. If you don't believe it, watch one of the latest Morning shows with the charming hosts Lorella Flego and Ana Tavčar. The RTV Slovenia team recorded the last two live broadcasts right on Meduza Beach!

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