Full Moon Party 2014

Portorož, 13. 6. 2014

Portorož, Meduza Exclusive Beach, 13. June 2014, at 8 pm.

LifeClass Hotels & Spa are kindly inviting you to the Full Moon Party, organised in cooperation with White Sheep srl. A presentation of select culinary experiences with best quality products from Slovenia, Italy and Croatia.

The party will provide sheer pampering with oysters, premium wines, the best chocolates and Istrian specialities.

  • Tasting of selected wines under professional guidance of the masters of the art of wine making: Marjan Simčič, Klabjan, Kramar, Rodaro Paolo, Čotar, Istenič, Vinakoper, Primosic, Prinčič, Radikon, Bjana, Venica & Venica, Villa Russiz, Livio Felluga, Marco Felluga, Livon, Specogna, Piera Martellozzo, Masut da Rive, Medot, Castelvecchio, Castello di Spessa, Clai, Eugenio Collavini, Di Lenardo, Le vigne di Zamò, Vigne Luisa, Vigna Petrussa, Villa Parens, Tenute Tomasella, Roncus and many others
  • Brewery of domestic production: San Servolo
  • Cocktails & American Bar: Nonino
  • Waters: Radenska
  • Coffee drinks: Illyssimo
  • Wine accessories: Italesse
  • Other providers: sunglasses by Italian-independent

The pinnacle of culinary delights will be provided by:

  • Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe  led by Jure Tomič. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, they will be presented to the public for the first time together with new Slovenian chefs.
  • Helmuth Köcher, the founding director of the Merano International Wine Festival, which will introduce the second edition of the brotherhood between the Spa by the sea and the Spa in the mountains.


Your taste buds will be pampered with the gourmet specialties by:

  • Gourmet Masterpieces of LifeClass Culinary Masters
  • Selecta Oysters
  • Piran Sea Bass from the Fonda Fish Farm
  • Piran Salt Pans and their Salt Flower
  • Lisjak Virgin Olive Oil and Mate Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Chox Chocolate
  • Komel Selection Prosciutto
  • Prestigeous sauces  of Livio Pesle
  • Sweetness of Eppinger

ALL INCLUSIVE admission to the event:


  • 80€ per person in advance sale
  • 100€ per person on the day of the event

The ticket includes tasting of all culinary masterpieces, drinks and accompanying services.

Information and booking:
T: +386 5 692 90 01 / E: booking@lifeclass.net

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