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Our website offers two simple ways for you to make a booking at any of our hotels:

ON-LINE booking system

ON-LINE BOOKING SYSTEM is the simplest way to book a room at our hotel. We ensure that the online booking system is safe and fast since you obtain an immediate confirmation of required accommodation with a use of your credit card. Your booking is confirmed with your guarantee in the form of a credit card and we shall undertake to provide you with the accommodation you selected. 

Booking form

BOOKING FORM, in which you insert your data and requested accommodation, is a method of booking on enquiry. You shall receive our answer in a form of an offer within 24 hours. The enquiry or our offer is not deemed as a confirmed booking since the essential condition for the validity of the booking remains the payment of service within a deadline and according to the terms and conditions defined in the offer. In the event the service remains unpaid within a deadline defined in the offer, the said service is regarded as never having been ordered at all. In such events we shall of course keep your booking as registered yet we are unable to guarantee that you shall get the requested room.

In case children are travelling with you, please indicate the expected number of children for who the accommodation needs to be paid. The terms and conditions for children accommodation vary as per individual hotel. We would thus kindly ask you to check the pricelists of individual hotels presented on our web pages. The price of your accommodation is calculated automatically on the basis of expected number of children as well as other data on accommodation and is consequently written out on your screen.

Allow us to inform you that in the event of bookings and payments made via Internet, it is deemed that you have read these Terms and Conditions and that you agree with them.   


In the event of irregularities and shortcomings, the guests are asked to inform the responsible representative of LifeClass hotels, Istrabenz Turizem d.d. on the spot. In case it proves obvious that the complaint could have been resolved on the spot (for example, poor cleanliness of the room, equipment, room position …) yet the guest failed to make a complaint on the spot and he/she failed to inform the aforementioned responsible person, it is deemed that the guest agreed with such service and has thus lost a right to file a subsequent claim requesting lowered price of service or damage compensation.

Guest may file a complaint in writing within two months of the date the service has been incorrectly performed. In the event, the guest misses the legally defined deadline for filing a complaint, Istrabenz Turizem d.d. shall not merit the complaint as such.        


The guest has a right to cancel a reservation. The cancellation needs to be send in writing or via e-mail at least three (3) days prior the arrival or at least ten (10) days prior the arrival in the high season (30 July 2011 – 20 August 2011, from 29 December 2011 – 03 January 2012 and in times of Easter holidays 22 April 2011 - 25 April 2011).

In the event the guest fails to cancel the reservation at least 3 days prior the arrival or in case the guest fails to arrive, the hotel reserves itself the right to charge the said guest as follows:

  • one (1) overnight stay when making a reservation for up to 4 nights
  • two (2) overnight stays when making a reservation for over 4 nights
  • all in accordance with the prices confirmed by the hotel per individual reservation made

The booking shall be valid until 18:00 on the day of arrival. The guest needs to notify the hotel in which he/she booked the room on his/her late arrival.  

Data use

Istrabenz Turizem d.d. shall safeguard all data on its guests in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. It is deemed that by accepting the offer the guest agrees to the use of thus obtained data also for the purposes of statistical processing and notifying on our offer. In the event the guest disagrees with the aforementioned, he/she may state accordingly when registering.    

Final provisions

All prices listed in the offer of Istrabenz Turizem d.d. include VAT. The competent Court in Koper, Slovenia, shall adjudicate in any eventual disputes which may arise between the parties involved.

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  5. The LifeClass Hotels & Spa website enables access to restricted information on the site through the use of user names, access key, codes and devices. The contents of coded pages are confidential and provided by Istrabenz Turizem d.d. solely for the personal use of the identified user. Istrabenz Turizem d.d. and LifeClass Hotels & Resorts reserve the right to bar the use of any access code if it is established that it has been abused, misused, or used for the benefit of other entities, or that its use obstructs website operations.
  6. In no instance shall the communication including sending questions, answers, comments and suggestions as regards LifeClass information (A) be regarded as confidential and Istrabenz Turizem d.d. thus holds no liability to protect it; (B) Istrabenz Turizem d.d. may freely copy, use, distribute or otherwise disclose your messages. (C) Furthermore, Istrabenz Turizem d.d. reserves itself the right to use ideas, concepts, knowledge, contents or techniques included in your messages for any purposes including developing, producing and marketing of products and services.  
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  8. LifeClass Hotels & Spa website contains information on international products and services which may be found in individual LifeClass hotels yet may not be available on all locations. References on products and services found on LifeClass website do not imply that the products and services shall be available on your selected location. 
  9. In case you wish to leave the LifeClass Hotels & Spa website and access another (non-LifeClass) site, Istrabenz Turizem d.d. shall not be liable for protecting personal data, content or cookies which the said website creates. Istrabenz Turizem d.d. holds no supervision over the aforementioned websites and their sources and is thus not liable for the use of these websites and their contents, advertising, products or other materials at their disposal.
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