About the Thalasso Centre

The Uniqueness of the Thalasso Centre LifeClass

  • Specially for you, we use solely local healing elements from the sea: fango, brine, Piran salt, algae and pure sea water.

  • We have been preserving an over 800-year-old tradition of alternative medicine and thalassotherapy in Portorož.

  • Even your children aged 5 years and over might enjoy the benefits of beneficial effects of sea treasures at our treatments, such as Bubble-Me Colour Baths and Children’s Vichy Massage.

  • We offer you salt therapies in the Salt Room for a healthy breath. 

    Already in the 13th century, local medicinal elements of the Sečovlje saltpans (salt pan mud, brine and salt) were used in alternative medicine by monks of the Benedictine monastery in Portorož. These very products of the premium quality, harvested by callous and tanned hands of Piran’s salt panners in the Sečovlje saltpans for over 2,000 years according to a traditional process, constitute a basic ingredient of the therapies, which – combined with the most advanced medical know-how of our professionals – guarantee the best results for your good health, well-being and beauty.


“Thalassa” is a Greek word for sea.  This medicinal practice uses sea treasures for preventive and curative purposes both in rehabilitation as well as in cosmetic and wellness fields.   

In addition to the above-mentioned, the term “thalassotherapy” also comprises the holistic spending of free time and recreation in the coastal environment, ranging:


  • from the activities in the antioxidant-rich sea air (strolls, jogging and cycling in the salt pans or along the coast)  
  • to a healthy and diverse Mediterranean cuisine.
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