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The Shakti – Ayurveda Centre is open every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Price List

Ayurvedic Programmes for Mind, Body and Face
Whole Body Pathu - Herbal peeling with Ayurveda Massage 90 min 114 €  
Kapha Body Programme 80 min 72 €
The programme encompasses the application of the Kapha Podi drainage powder onto body parts affected by cellulite. The effect of the programme is intensified by using a special tissue firming Kapha cream and lymph drainage techniques, aimed at eliminating excess water from the body.
Whole Body Pathu - Herbal peeling 50 min 55 € 65 €
The special offer is valid till: 30.04.2017
Pathu is a special peeling of the entire body aimed at deep cleansing whereby a herb powder, consisting of ten active herbs with detoxifying and firming properties, is used. It gives best results when the peeling is followed by one of the Abhyanga massages.
Podikizhi - Pinda Massage with Powder 50 min 67 €
Podikizhi is a special massage at which we use canvas bags filled with herb powder. During massage hot oil melts powder, and thus active substances of the herbs penetrate into the body.The Podikizhi massage is extremely effective in relieving problems with arthritis, rheumatism, and neuromuscular problems.
Ayurvedic Natural Programme for Face Beauty Care 60 min 59 €
A special treatment intended to suit individual skin types (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). It encompasses a superficial skin cleansing, a relaxation massage of the face and a suitable face mask. All the products used in the programme are of Ayurvedic natural origin. Thanks to individual use of the products, the treatment provides excellent care for all types of skin. It has a beneficial effect on face skin giving it a rejuvenating, fresh and toned appearance.
Greeva Vasthi with massage – Neck massage with oil bath 40 min 52 €
A special therapeutic procedure whereby the therapist slowly pours warm oil into a small receptacle of soy dough placed on the back of the neck. The treatment helps alleviate neck and upper back conditions, especially the stiffening of the upper back spine, the cervical spondylosis and pain in the neck area in general. The oil wrapping, which is placed on the body for 20 minutes, is followed by a massage of upper back and neck, which further intensifies the beneficial effect of the treatment.
Kadee Vasthi with massage – Back massage with oil bath 60 min 62 €
A special therapeutic procedure whereby the therapist slowly pours warm oil into a small receptacle of soy dough positioned on the lumbar part of the spine. The treatment relieves pain in the lower part of the spine and effectively alleviates the signs and symptoms associated with lumbar spondylosis. Oil wrapping lasts for 30 minutes and is followed by a back massage that deepens the soothing effect of the treatment.
Kayaseka – Oil bath of whole body 60 min 100 €
The treatment consists of oiling the entire body with warm oil and an invigorating massage. This deep cleansing programme has a rejuvenating effect, it improves blood circulation and strengthens the skin tissue. It also efectively alleviates problems with stiff and painful joints.
Kayasekam – Oil Bath for Legs 30 min 52 €
This is a partial warm-oil treatment and an energetic massage of the whole legs intended for improving blood circulation and eliminating the feeling of heavy legs. This therapy is highly recommended to all who suffer from joint (hip, knee, ankle) problems.
Pathu – partial (legs and back) 30 min 43 €
Partial Pathu treatment is performed only on specific parts of the body (either legs or back only). The peeling is followed by the application of a suitable nourishing cream.
Shirodhara - Pouring on the forehead 45 min 88 €
A continuous stream of lukewarm Dhara Tailam oil is poured on the forehead inducing tranquillity and deep relaxation, reducing tension and improving the sensitivity of all sensory organs. The therapy helps alleviate headaches and depression, relieves insomnia and reduces the menopausal symptoms.
Special Programme for Psoriasis 45 min 57 €
This programme is specially tailored for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin diseases (dermatitis). The treatment begins with coating the body with healing oil, which helps to the removal of excessive dry skin cells on the body and scalp, and penetrates into all the skin layers. The following 20-minute massage with herb oilstimulates the skin and thus the healing process. We finish the therapy with »Swedana« - ayurveda sitting steam sauna. The masseur will continute the massage for another 45 min in case the guest can not enter the sauna.
Thakra Dhara - Pouring of Medicated Buttermilk on the Forehead 45 min 69 €
A special programme aimed at relieving and treating psychosomatic problems which manifest as specific diseases (e.g. psoriasis). It works effectively against insomnia, relieves tensions and chronic fatigue caused by stress. The treatment also helps with problems of depression, menopause and thyroid dysfunction.
Ayurveda massages
Udwarthana - Medicated powder massage 40 min 78 €
Udwarthana is a typical Ayurvedic massage with medicinal powder, performed simultaneously by two therapists using synchronised movements. It not only helps to remove dead skin cells and excessive body fat but it also improves blood circulation and eases joint pain. Udwarthana softens and refreshes the skin increasing at the same time its muscle tone. To all who want to lose weight, we recommend upgrading the Udwarthana massage with the steam bath (sauna for one person).
Abhyanga (Vata, Kapha or Pitta) – Ayurveda massage 90 min 68 €
A highly individualised massage, tailored to the needs of each individual and their dosha type. Hot Ayurvedic oil (Vata, Pitta or Kapha – depending on the dosha type) is used during the massage. During a longer, 90-minute version of the Abhyanga massage, the therapist focuses on a body part that requires more attention, e.g. the back, legs, cervical area, etc.
Abhyanga and Othadam - Wholesome Herbal Massage 80 min 71 €
The programme provides a massage according to the Vata, Pitta or Kapha constitution. In the treatment, warm herbs are used which help relieve rheumatic pain, reduce muscle tension and stiffness as well as improve body circulation.
Abhyanga (Vata, Kapha or Pitta)– Ayurveda massage 60 min 61 €
A highly individualised massage, tailored to the needs of each individual and their dosha type. Hot Ayurvedic oil (Vata, Pitta or Kapha – depending on the dosha type) is used during the massage.
Abhyangam Anticellulite - Anticellulite Massage 60 min 67 €
A dynamic massage, given with natural creams, special powders and Kapha Tailam oil, which dissolves fatty deposits and makes the skin smoother and more elastic.
Neerabhyanga - Ayurveda lymph drainage 60 min 62 €
Ayurveda lymph drainage with the medicinal oil Kapha Tailam stimulates the flow of the lymph, helping to eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body.
Marmabhyanga - Massage of energy points 45 min 57 €
This is a special technique which activates energy points by way of digital pressure. The marma points stimulation relaxes and strengthens the body and spirit. The treatment makes use of Vata Tailam oil.
Ayurveda Back Massage with Othada – Herbs 40 min 52 €
An Indian massage of the back where the therapist first focuses on meridians running along the spine and then begins the massage with hot oils. Most frequently the Pitta oil is used for this purpose as it relieves pain and decreases the level of lactic acid in muscles. This is followed by a massage of the whole back using warm bundles of herbs – Othadam, eventually focusing on the affected part of the back, if needed.
Abhyanga (Vata, Kapha or Pitta) – Ayurveda massage 40 min 49 €
A highly individualised massage, tailored to the needs of each individual and their dosha type. Hot Ayurvedic oil (Vata, Pitta or Kapha – depending on the dosha type) is used during the massage.
Padabhyanga – Ayurveda foot massage 40 min 46 €
Massage of feet and reflex points with warm oil together with lymph draining of legs has an extremely soothing effect on circulatory system. It strengthens the blood and lymph circulation in legs, thus effectively relieving fluid retention and tiredness in legs. Special massage movements activate energy flows in internal organs promoting thus balance and well-being of the whole body. The massage is strongly recommended for diabetes patients and chronic smokers.
Ayurveda Back Massage 30 min 41 €
The Ayurveda back massage is suitable for any of the three doshas. The massage technique depends on the health problem treated, this being most often the pain arising from neck and lumbar area. The massage helps alleviate pain, soften the muscle thickening, boost the nervous system and relax tensions, whereas by exerting pressure on specific points along the spine it also improves the breathing function.
Mukhabhyanga – facial massage 30 min 41 €
A relaxation treatment of the face, neck and décolleté (partially of the scalp also) using Pitta cream. The special massage technique eliminates tiredness, prevents the formation of wrinkles, soothes acne and rejuvenates.
Shiro Abhyanga - Head Massage 30 min 41 €
A special soothing massage of the head bringing balance and relaxation to the whole psychophysical system by help of various specific movements. It stimulates the nervous system, soothes the psyche, brings sound sleep and prevents hair loss. The massage is carried out with cold or lukewarm Pitta Tailam oil.
Ayurvedic Massage for Children 40 min 41 €
This massage is intended for children below 14 years of age. The combination of a massage and a selected Ayurvedic massage oil provides a feeling of comfort, it relaxes the muscular tension and dispels the feeling of tightness and stiffness. It enhances muscle development and improves blood circulation, boosting thus the child’s natural resistance to disease. This massage is highly recommended for children suffering from degenerative diseases.
Jumbira Pinda – Ayurveda pain relief massage 50 min 67 €
A whole body massage promoting a beneficent effect on the whole body. It effectively relieves pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis, scoliosis and various conditions accompanying spinal injuries. In addition, the massage has a detoxifying effect and increases the rate of dissolving body fats, which makes it extremely recommendable for weight-loss therapies and anti-cellulite programmes. It is especially suitable for Vata type of persons suffering from joint pain.
Pinda Sweda - Massage with rice and herbs 60 min 71 €
A treatment performed according to the dosha type (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in which warm medicated oil and warm body packs (bolus bags), prepared from herbs and rice – Payasam, are used. It cleanses toxins from the body, improves circulation and helps soothe rheumatism.
Shakti – four-handed Ayurveda massage 50 min 88 €
This is an absolutely unique synchronised massage performed by two massage therapists at the same time. The massage stimulates the skin, strengthens the body and provides a feeling of stability and calmness. Besides regulating blood circulation and promoting the elimination of toxins, it also exerts a beneficial effect on muscle mass, ligaments and the nervous system. The massage helps harmonize imbalances in all three doshas.
Ayurvedski programi
Ayurveda Detox (7 nights) 587 €  
Ayurveda Rejuvenation (14 nights) 1,122 €  
Other Ayurveda programmes
Ayurveda herbal bath for two persons (including a glass of Shakti elixir) 20 min 70 €
The therapy is performed in a special tub for two people, where by help of natural herbs and massaging jets we achieve relaxation of the whole body. This type of bath is provided only in combination with the programme for couples. The treatment includes a serving of Ayurveda herbal tea.
Sweda for one person – steam bath (given only in combination with at least one other ayurvedic treatment) 20 min 18 €
A special sitting wood steam sauna treatment which follows the application of various body packs and oils increasing thus their effect. It effectively alleviates pain and helps dissolve surplus body fats. Sweda is recommended also to people who can otherwise stand neither the heat nor the sauna treatment.
Sweda for two persons – steam sauna (given only in combination with massage) 20 min 26 €
The steam sauna treatment for two persons follows an application of a herb paste.
Ayurveda consultation
Brief consultation with a specialist of Ayurvedic medicine 15 min 19 €
It comprises the determination of dosha and giving advice on a proper way of life and suitable nutrition.
Consultation with a specialist of Ayurvedic medicine 30 min 38 €
It comprises the determination and explanation of the state of your doshas, a thorough examination of your health condition by feeling the pulse and assessing the vital organs via marma points as well as a recommendation of suitable ayurvedic treatments available in our centre. After the examination, and based on the current state of your doshas, you will receive guidelines on appropriate Ayurveda nutrition, ways to improve the quality of life and exercises tailored specifically for you.
Due to the updating of the prices for wellness services in 2017, discrepancies between the prices published on the Internet and the regular prices may occur.
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