Ayurvedic Diet

For Health, Well-Being and New Energy

With a carefully planned diet that is based on Ayurvedic principles, pranayama yoga and Ayurvedic treatments chosen according to the dosha type, we effectively detoxify and cleanse the body and skin, fill the body with new energy and take care of the inner balance and well-being. In detox Ayurvedic programmes, nutrition is very important.

The Ayurvedic diet does not allow the consumption of:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs

It is a healthy diet based on organically grown food. This kind of a diet does not create mucus in the body and is mostly composed of:

  • Raw and fresh vegetables
  • Fruits

With the combination of regular consultations with an Ayurvedic specialist at the Shakti – Ayurveda Centre, regular meditation, yoga, sports activities and wellness treatments, our guests have a guarantee of an active detoxification while feeling well at the same time.

We do not advise this type of a diet to those suffering from an inner sensation of cold, a lack of energy or a lack of vitality due to a variety of reasons. If our Ayurvedic doctor finds out that the Ayurvedic detox diet is not suitable for a certain individual, she prescribes a different diet that is suitable for that particular dosha type or based on the individual's medical condition. Possible symptoms of excessive use of this diet are insomnia, accelerated heartbeat, a lack of energy, vertigo, skipping periods and loss of appetite. Therefore, even if the diet is very beneficial, it should not be used as a kind of universal medicine, but only under strict medical supervision. The latter is especially important in the first stage (during the first two weeks).


What Does a Day of the Ayurvedic Diet Look Like?


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