Salt Steam Sauna

Temperature: 60 °C – 65 °C
Humidity: 30 %

Salt steam sauna is a mild form of sauna with extremely beneficial effect on the locomotor system and respiratory organs.

The purging effect already starts after 15 minutes with the ambient temperature of 65°C.

The rise in body temperature strengthens the immune system and the rubbing of the skin with the natural sea salt, from the Piran salt pans, is an ideal exfoliation of the skin thus leaving it pliant, supple, moisturized, healthy and good-looking.

Salt steam sauna is an ideal introductory treatment to all the other different types of sauna, which become more effective, as the skin is intensively cleansed. After the peeling, when dead skin and impurities have been removed, the skin feels soft, clean and silky smooth.

If the skin is very sensitive and damaged, the exposure to the heat of the salt cabin alone may suffice.

Number of cycles: 1
Duration of each cycle: 15–20 minutes (warming up and exfoliation together)
Advised frequency: once per week, with sensitive skin even less
Dress code in the area: sheet
Dress code in the relaxation area: large towel or bathrobe
Additions: salt (finely ground)
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