The cardiovascular system

In cooperation with the renowned International Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases MC Medicor, we have prepared a special therapeutic programme.

We recommend the programme for preventing cardiovascular diseases to anyone who:

  • Has already been diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases
  • Is at a high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases
  • Wants to prevent them

This programme includes advice on a proper diet, prescribed training programs, various tests and laboratory tests as well as programmes to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. All programmes are carried out in cooperation with highly specialised doctors, physiotherapists and nurses.

It is crucial for patients with cardiovascular diseases to change their lifestyle through their diet, proper exercises as well as proper therapies and medical treatments that are available at our Centre.


We recommend

Therapeutic Programme for Problems with the Cardiovascular System

1 x initial examination at cardiology specialist with an ECG test
1 x examination at a physiatry specialist
2 x stress testing on bike
1 x ultrasound of the heart
1 x ultrasound of the cervical and leg veins
1 x extended laboratory tests of blood and urine
6 x Medicor therapy (cardiovascular therapy) 60 min
3 x QRS Waver - quantum magnetic therapy 20 min
2 x Salt Room therapy - 40 min. 40 min
6 x therapeutic body massage - 40 min.
5 x individual condition & breathing exercise with a physiotherapist 20 min
1 x control examination at a cardiology specialist with a discharge letter

Minimum stay 7 or 10 nights.


1,428 €

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