The Holistic Vision of a Healthy and High-Quality Life

At the LifeClass Hotels & Spa in Portorož, we help you live better and longer. The several centuries old tradition of alternative medicine in Portorož has always been based on a holistic approach to treating an individual. The combination of the Mediterranean, five local natural medicinal factors, protective Mediterranean diet, holistic medical wellness and the latest medical know-how is a unique recipe for optimising your lifestyle and in this way maintaining your health and vitality into old age.

At the Medical center and Center for Aesthetics and Anti-Aging we focus on:

  • The slowing down of the ageing process
  • The establishing of a healthier life and a better quality of life
  • The treatment of ageing-related diseases

The Unique Five-Step Approach to Fight the Ageing Process:

  1. Diagnostics – anti-ageing examinations:  diagnostics aimed at discovering and treating ageing-related diseases.
  2. A special diet – the anti-aging Mediterranean diet: with the help of a nutritionist, we give advice on proper nutrition.
  3. Physical activities tailored to each individual: advice on proper physical activity.
  4. Medical and spa treatments for facial and body care.
  5. Special therapies for relieving mental stress.


Professional Team

Based on individual diagnostic tests, our medical professionals will give everyone individual advice on a proper way of life.

With the help of our professional team of:

  • Medical specialists (of physiotherapy, orthopaedics, pulmonology, cardiology, rheumatology, ultrasound diagnostics, balneology, acupuncture etc.)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Sports trainers
  • Beauty therapists
  • Balneotherapists

You can achieve visible results in a mere week.


LifeClass Terme & Wellness
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Wai Thai Massage
69 €
80 min
Wai Thai Massage
A combination of traditional Thai massage, and massage using oil and spheres. Besides relaxing the body and increasing its flexibility, the Wai Thai massage improves overall well-being and helps establish a healthy mind within a healthy body. The treatment comprises a whole body massage, including face and scalp.  
Oriental Foot Massage
45 €
40 min
Oriental Foot Massage
A massage of the reflex zones on the feet balances body energy and improves the function of internal organs and organ systems.
Pedicure – Classical
32 €
45 min
Pedicure – Classical
The classical care of feet and toenails includes cutting and shaping of the nails, removal of hard skin and application of a suitable cream.
Abyangham (Vata, Kapha or Pitta) – Ayurvedic massage
68 €
90 min
Abyangham (Vata, Kapha or Pitta) – Ayurvedic massage
An extremely individual massage, tailored to the needs of the individual and to his or her type of dosha. For this massage, warm Ayurvedic oil (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) is used. It is soothing and establishes a psycho-physical balance of the body and mind.