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Anti-Ageing Diagnostics

Health is maintained with the help of regular medical examinations starting at the age of 35. Through this examinations, we detect early manifestations of potential pathological conditions. Therefore, we recommend you to choose a regular medical examination when visiting our LifeClass Wellness Resort in Portorož.

Against Back Pain

The GAMMA SWING stretching of the body and legs by using the body's own weight and controlled swinging effectively relax tense muscles and improve blood circulation in the relieved part of the back.

Recharge Your Batteries with the QRS Quantum Magnetic Therapy

Drift into a restorative sleep and recharge your batteries in a mere 20 minutes. This therapy gives you mental relaxation and revitalises your body.

Special Features

Mediterranean Protective Diet

Research by several scientists and researchers has shown that Mediterranean food improves general well-being and digestion, lowers blood cholesterol, and at the same time improves the functioning of your mental abilities and brain, especially during ageing. Over 30 % of heart attacks, strokes and also deaths caused by heart diseases can be prevented with the Mediterranean diet. There is proof that the Mediterranean diet is also helpful for lowering the possibility of a stroke, asthma, and cancer.

Cell Metabolism Test

A non-invasive test of cell metabolism provides a quick insight into the condition of your body, especially of acidosis that is one of major causes of various diseases. Therefore, we recommend you to have your cell metabolism analysed as soon as possible with CRS analysis.

5 Natural Medicinal Factors

Treasures of the sea and Piran Salt Pans, thermal-mineral water from the Prehistoric Sea and the beneficial Mediterranean climate are a unique combination of natural medicinal gifts in one place.

Balance of Hormones is the Key to a Effective Stop of the Ageing Process

When determining the ageing process, hormones and their balance in the body are of the utmost importance. Hormones are responsible for communication in the body; they are the messengers that convey commands for the optimal functioning of the body to the cells (better curing, better tissue regeneration, improved blood circulation and skin hydration, burning fat or cellulite, hair growth, etc.). Our centre devotes a great deal of attention to the diagnosis of the hormonal balance in the body.

“The ageing process is like a married couple – when they are young, they communicate well, but over time, living in close quarters for many years, communication breaks down,” said Harvard Medical School Professor David Sinclair. “And just like a couple, restoring communication also solves the problem here.”


We Reccomend

QRS Waver – Quantum magnetic therapy, 20 min

Mediterranean Anti-ageing Clinic
Only 28 € per person


Classical acupuncture

It forms a part of traditional Chinese medicine which is ever more recognised and practiced throughout Europe and America. According to traditional Chinese medicine, our health is based on the undisturbed flow of the body's energy Chi (Qi) along the body's meridians. The energy Chi consists of two opposites – Yin and Yang. If they are not in equilibrium, we develop an illness. By treating the energy channels with thin needles we stimulate the self-healing process of the body and restore the equilibrium. The acupuncture is based on the healing of the whole person: the body, spirit and mind. We may perform body AP (corporal), ear AP (auricular) and AP of the scalp (scalp). Acupuncture is most frequently performed by using disposable needles, but may, however, also be administered in form of electro acupuncture, cupping, etc. Acupuncture is extremely effective as a pain-alleviating therapy treating problems of the locomotor system and headaches, being, however, used also for the purpose of relaxation, to treat allergies, asthma, in stop smoking programmes and for other disorders.


Mediterranean Anti-ageing Clinic
Only 28 € 32 € per person
The special offer is valid till 04.09.2016


Diagnostics of bone density – Densitometry with medical report (hotel guests)

This type of diagnostics states the density of our bones. Old age, genetics, the way of life, the diet, the medications and, last but not least, the illnesses, all help to bring about a reduction of bone density, and successively an increased tendency of the bones to break. The examination is painless. Densitometry is recommended primarily to women experiencing menopausal symptoms, women who smoke, who do not exercise sufficiently and have an incorrect diet, as well as to people of average age who have recently suffered a break or a fracture.

Mediterranean Anti-ageing Clinic
Only 39 € per person


Antioxidants and free radicals test with medical examination, 50 min

Mediterranean Anti-ageing Clinic
Only 73 € per person

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