Fitness Centre

Why Exercise in the LifeClass Fitness Centre?

Modern Technogym equipment, bright, spacious facilities and professional staff are available to all who wish to take care of their health and beauty. We offer a wide variety of exercise programmes as well.

First-time visitors to the Fitness Centre are provided with the introductory presentation of training (correct exercises with a fitness trainer). In addition, we also offer individual programmes tailored to your wishes.

Our professional staff gives advice on programme execution and the individual’s requests.   With their knowledge and experience, they help you obtain better and faster results.

10 Reasons to Visit Our Fitness Centre:

  • We offer professional advice on exercises and a healthy diet.
  • We boast the state-of-the-art equipment by the reputable company Technogym.
  • We have highly trained instructors.
  • Our facilities are bright, well aired and spacious.
  • We offer a wide range of other wellness services and a rich variety of exercise programmes:
        • Slimming exercise programme.
        • Muscle mass building programme.
        • Programmes for well-being and improving physical condition.
        • Functional training.
        • Specific exercise programme (athletes, injury rehabilitation).
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