Fitness Centre and Group Exercises

Our offer

Unique Exercises in Our Fitness Centre

Functional trainings, programmes for building muscle mass, programmes for well-being and improving physical condition, rehabilitation, etc.

Group Exercises for the Body and Soul

Kinesis, aerobics, group exercises under the guidance of a physiotherapist, pranayama yoga with asanas, meditation under the guidance of an Indian therapist, etc.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Professional Staff

Modern Technogym equipment and professional staff are available to all who wish to take care of their health and beauty.

Pranayama Yoga with Asanas

It is a combination of controlled yoga breathing exercises and steady yet relaxing postures. During breathing control, the mind and feelings are controlled, thus filling the individual with energy and removing toxins from the body.

Asanas make body beautiful, flexible, healthy and rejuvenated. Asanas make the nervous system and bones firm, enhance hormone balance, improve sleep, digestion, concentration and memory as well as reducing absence of mind and anxiety.

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