About the Beauty Centre

The Beauty Centre is one of the seven wellness centres of the Terme & Wellness LifeClass that take care of good health, well-being and rejuvenation of the body and mind. Scientific research proves that simple changes in eating habits, regular exercise and the use of some advanced rejuvenation techniques have a positive and significant effect on the health and well-being in all life stages of an adult.

For this reason, the comprehensive offer of beauty services for the face and body at our Beauty Centre also includes the most advanced technology and treatments for the rejuvenation and shaping of the body. The trends and technologies in the world of beauty services are constantly developing. Due to the demands for quick and permanent effects in the field of rejuvenation, we have also enriched the offer of our Beauty Centre with numerous novelties.


New in the Field of Body Shaping and Cellulite Removal

The new V-Shape 8 Plus apparatus enables an innovative and effective therapy – non-surgical removal of fat and cellulite. It works based on a combination of bipolar radio-frequency (RF), infrared laser energy, vacuum and mechanical massage.

In addition, Contour Wrap has also produced outstanding results in the field of body shaping and cellulite removal.  This is a body-shaping treatment with clay where we use a mixture of warm mineral clay and a special body-wrap technique that helps you lose inches and detoxify your body. Results are already visible after the first treatment.


New in the Field of Rejuvenation

The Oxygen Lift Therapy is based on a revolutionary hyperbaric oxygen technology that enables active ingredients from the (hyaluronic, vitamin, etc.) ampoules to penetrate through the epidermis and deeply moisturise the skin, thus renewing it. This treatment is intended for a quick refreshment of the skin. It may also be used in combination with classical facial care.

Oxyneedling® treatments that include the use of oxygen have been one of the leading anti-ageing treatments in the past few years. The treatment is a combination of lymphatic drainage, endodermo therapy and oxygen infusion with the Oxyneedling® technique. The dermaroller with integrated pure oxygen is used to accelerate blood flow in the skin’s depth, while oxygen is supplied into the deeper layers of the skin. This treatment is performed once a week and we recommend combining it with the Oxygen Lift or the Oxygen Airbrush treatments in the days following the first treatment.

Oxygen Airbrush or skin renewal with the help of oxygen without injections in the hypodermis. This is a non-invasive method of renewing and invigorating the skin. In addition to oxygen spraying, it also includes a nourishing hyaluronic treatment. Oxygen enables active ingredients to make their way to the deeper layers of the skin, soothing and cooling it. The result of this service is already visible after the first visit. However, for the optimal result, six therapies are recommended. To achieve an intensive and rapid effect, the service may be performed every other day, and for a long-lasting and permanent effect, it should be performed once a week.


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