Sauna Park

7 experiences in one Sauna Park

Take a walk through Sauna Park and start each day in an extraordinarily fresh way. Due to its exceptionally rich and diverse offer, the Sauna Park of the Terme & Wellness LifeClass is considered to be a unique sauna complex in Europe. On 1,000 m² there are seven different types of sauna: Thalasso sauna, salt steam sauna, Moorish steam bath and Finnish sauna; various relaxation areas, Kneipp’s brook and baths, whirlpool, chromotherapy, massage-cascades, ice cave...

Two of the major attractions of the Sauna Park are the ice cave, which is the first of its kind to appear in Slovenia, and the salt steam sauna, especially important as it uses the salt from the salt pans of Sečovlje which has been produced naturally and in exactly the same way, since the 13th century

Walk through the Sauna Park

Walk through the Sauna Park

Our experts have prepared for you a recommended sauna procedure. The programme takes 150 minutes on the whole. 45 minutes include the time spent in different saunas; 75 minutes are dedicated to the rest of the many an offer of the Sauna Park and the remaining 30 minutes are spent on resting and relaxing.

7 types od saunas

Thalasso Sauna
Moorish Steam Sauna
Herbal Sauna
Salt Steam Sauna
Pamper yourself with a salt peeling from the Sečovlje saltpans!
Finnish Sauna

Special relaxation

Relaxation Areas
Ice Cave
First ice cave in Slovenija!

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