Raw Food Dishes

Dishes Full of Energy and Life

Raw food is food that contains energy and enzymes for life – fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts in their natural form, as well as germs, fresh spices, wild and sea plants, dried fruits.  This is food that has not been thermally treated at temperatures over 48°C. Our Terme Portorož house the first Slovenian raw food centre Fresh4you intended for all the lovers of light and healthy raw food. You may enjoy your raw meal in a bathrobe, after a visit to the Fitness Centre, Pilates, kinesis, swimming pools or after one of our treatments. 

The raw food centre offers you a variety of raw food products, such as absolutely delicious cakes and other patisseries made of fresh and dried fruits, seeds and nuts. Let your body rest and renew it with our extensive raw food offer: freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices; fruit and green smoothies; patisseries without milk, flour, eggs and sugar - which are neither thermally treated nor contain any preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings as well as any processed ingredients; a variety of raw food salads; raw food meatballs with seeds and raw food crackers with selected spreads. Raw food dishes are also available to our hotel guests upon selecting an appropriate diet.

Which Ingredients We Need to Prepare the Most Delicious Raw Food Cake?

The Chocolate Duet Cake is the most delicious raw food cake. The cake is not thermally treated, therefore it is not exposed to temperatures over 48° C during its preparation. The cake base consists of almonds, dates and cocoa powder.   The cake’s upper layer includes the cream made of cashew nuts, coconut oil, cocoa butter, coconut flour, vanilla, Himalayan salt, and agave syrup. 

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