Brain Power Booster Dishes

Dishes for the Power of Thought

Based on the Ayurvedic and Mediterranean diets, and their beneficial effects on physical and mental abilities, we have drawn up the Brain Power Booster Programme for the needs of our business guests and event organisers. This unique programme optimises the individual’s abilities and thus increases ROI of event organisation. We assure you that our special diet and services performed by our Ayurvedic professionals will make you feel invigorated and focused throughout an event. Our Brain Power Booster Programme meals are based on complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants.  Complex carbohydrates are broken down more slowly in the liver, absorb glucose into the blood and thus into the brain. Accordingly, they are called "brain fuel".  Fatty acids, particularly omega-6 and omega-3, have a positive effect on memory whereas amino acids have a strong effect on nerve connections in the brain, thus affecting the ability to concentrate and think. Antioxidants inhibit free radicals which are produced as a consequence of stress, a poor diet and ageing. In order to keep your brain energy and concentration at a desired level, we organise morning meditation, breathing exercises, Brain Power Booster breaks, lunch and massages that improve your well-being, thereby improving your abilities.

What Do BrainPowerBooster Breakfasts Look Like?

Already in the morning, the "Brain Power Booster" programme enriches your regular breakfast with certain dishes and ingredients that affect your energy, memory and abilities throughout the entire day.   You can choose from and indulge in the following delicacies: lentils salad with vegetables and mackerel, nuts, wholemeal chocolate muffins with forest fruit sauce (organic), a variety of nuts (cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds), extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria, sesame oil , argan oil, gravad lax with dill sauce and bean sprouts and wheat germ, wild black rice with avocado, shrimp and garlic, cod on polenta, sliced fruit (pineapple, melon, kiwi, grapes, oranges), big-pan omelettes with young spinach, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, oatmeal with cocoa (organic), a variety of 100% fruit & vegetable juices with added spirulina, wheatgrass and chlorella. Good morning and enjoy your meal!

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