Gastronomy for Children

Healthy and fun meals for children

We know the magic that enchants all the kids: namely, how to make healthy things amusing.

When children reach their first year of life and become more independent, they can start sharing their family meals, so it is very important to let them try a variety of different tastes and flavours.

A balanced diet that provides adequate amounts of energy and nutrients to children during their  growth and development phase plays a very important positive role in health protection. Including fruit and vegetables into everyday diet is imperative for health as they provide a mix of nutrients essential to child growth and development, while also offering protection against infections and different chronic illnesses in adulthood. Therefore, it is very important to introduce them to children in an attractive and amusing way.

Our kitchen chefs prepare for your children small, delightful, and most important, healthy culinary creations: healthy mini burgers, wholemeal pancakes, fruit and vegetable smoothies and homemade cookies with super nutrients. They will bring joy and laughter to the children, allowing them at the same time to enjoy a healthy Mediterranean meal.     

Culinary Workshops for the Youngest

One of the ways for children to develop a healthy attitude to food and eating is by helping at food preparation in the kitchen.

As part of our winter LifeClass Mini Klub, our entertainers have prepared the cookery workshop “Bake Your Own Paleo-Cookie” for the youngest. Our masters of gastronomy, helped by our entertainers and the children, will prepare dough for the Paleo-cookies, form them in cookie moulds, bake them, and when they are ready, the whole group will eat the delicious Paleo-cookies.

The children’s help at cooking stimulates their thinking, enriches their vocabulary, develops creativity as well as extending their mathematical knowledge. The children’s motor skills also develop during kneading, mixing and forming because they develop their gross and fine motor skills at the same time. Furthermore, measuring, cutting and pouring help develop the kids’ coordination between the eyes and muscle control. When cooking together with other children, your child will also learn about team work and division of work that will be useful to him/her later in his/her life. At the same time, your child will be familiarised with the notion of healthy eating.  


LifeClass Gastronomy
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